North American Bancard and Paay Company Marketing Methods

North American Bancard and Paay Company Marketing Methods
Annie Ha

Nowadays, many companies have been utilizing and experimenting with different ways to digitally market their brand. A company’s website and social media play such an important role in how potential clients perceive them. North American Bancard, a company that offers services and tools to help businesses grow, provide information on how to improve profits while focusing on the logistics of accepting and making payments much more efficient and accessible. Their website is quite eye-catching as they have really interesting graphics and colors that pop out to you immediately. Throughout their website, they provide unique features that I haven’t seen frequently from other websites. For example, under their “Who We Are” tab, there is a neat timeline of the history of their company.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

One thing that I would like to focus on is North American Bancard’s use of YouTube. Their usage of YouTube is very clever and helpful because it gives insight on what types of services their company provides and shows that they can be of use to you and your growing business. Their YouTube channel is basically a visual advertisement of what and why the types of tools they offer could help and maximize profits in your company. They also give tutorials on how to use their services and share more basic information that you could get from the website if you don’t feel obligated or don’t have the time to read. Advertising and marketing through video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram TV, and Tik Tok are particularly smart because there is an ever-growing shrinking attention span that continues to plague our country. Because we are so used to having everything at our fingertips, companies need to start coming up with new and innovative ways to capture a viewer’s attention for a set amount of time, and I believe North American Bancard’s one minute YouTube videos do just that.

Another brand that I’d like to touch on is Paay Co, a company that supplies global security and protection services to e-commerce merchants. Their website is succinct and bold. It displays not only vivid colors, but large text. Their homepage is much shorter than North American Bancard’s, but they feature a link to a Vimeo video that basically provides more information in an audibly and visually captivating way. I think if there’s one thing that North American Bancard can take away from this company’s website is to also include their YouTube videos on their homepage as well. Aside from their usage of both videos and graphic visuals, the website itself provides the basic rundown of their services and products while also including a “Case Studies” tab where it gives statistics, charts, and graphics on the finance and nutraceutical industry.

An additional feature that Paay provides are their Webinar Wednesdays which are interactive seminars in which people can tune in to gain valuable insight from the company. This is also a neat marketing technique because they give you a taste of what services the company provides and what they’re all about.

Both companies are very similar in the ways they market their brand. They utilize their social media as well as accommodating to people who prefer to get their information visually, audibly, or both. In the end, how a company markets themselves to gain potential clients all depends on what their main goal is. Who is their intended audience? What particular services do they want to focus on the most? I believe North American Bancard and Paay adequately address these questions which allow them to market effectively and efficiently.