New Torrent Sites Unveiled to Help Ensure Open Internet

New Torrent Sites Unveiled to Help Ensure Open Internet

After winning a decisive legal battle with the major record labels, Pablo Soto is looking into the future and moving beyond the global copyright war with the release of new torrent-related properties (think Google meets BitTorrent) backed with an angel round investment totaling more than $500k. While BitTorrent and similar file-sharing companies are still attempting to legitimize their business models, digital music pioneer and developer Pablo Soto is ahead of the game with his innovative approach to dramatically improving search within torrents.



A European-based developer and social activist, once dubbed the “Spanish Shawn Fanning” by San Jose Mercury News, he is back with an innovative new startup. Fresh from an angel round surpassing $500,000 USD, the internet architect known for his P2P prodigies has launched a family of related torrent sites, including a free torrent search engine (, a free torrent downloader ( and an entertainment news site ( under the corporate banner Torrent Software SL.

“Whether guarding against network throttling, or wanting to ensure the privacy of what you are searching for is made more secure, our family of torrent solutions are bundled together to provide one source for everyone’s entertainment and information needs while helping to ensure an open internet thrives,” said Soto, founder and CEO of Torrents Software SL. 

Alva House and Oteban led the angel round, both of which are noted angel investor funds from Spain.

For Soto’s part, he last received a €1.6 million euro government grant to develop the file-sharing system Foofind, which is akin to a ‘Google of file sharing’ and helps power the torrent family of sites he just launched.


The Spanish government described this project as, “having enormous potential for the future of our country” and awarded him the funds to foster innovation in the very same week he defeated the major record labels in a Madrid courtroom.The newest software offers a free, fast torrent client for Windows with Mac, Linux and mobile support on the near horizon, and has been released under a Free Software Foundation license.

“I’m very proud of this latest advent and believe it further supports efforts to preserve the open Internet, which is crucial in ensuring equal access to content and protecting the free flow of both information and speech,” Soto concluded.

Pablo Soto is considered one of the pioneers of P2P. He is a frequent panelist at national and international forums and serves from time to time as a visiting professor at the University of Valencia and the University of the Basque Country. His progressive accomplishments in technology have garnered worldwide press recognition, including CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, AP, USA Today, C/Net, Rolling Stone, CBS News, San Jose Mercury News, among many others.