New Technology Every Business Should Consider

New Technology That Every Business Should Consider

The average company employing roughly 100 people will lose well over $400,000 dollars a year. The cause? Inefficient communication.

As a business owner, you may be leary of introducing new technology for business purposes. Your first thought is that it will lower productivity and distract your employees. However, studies say otherwise.

Finding New Technology for Business Usage

53% of workers state that technology is a major factor in positive improvement of their work productivity. Not all technology will be a good fit for your business needs. Start by determining where your business’s weaknesses are and what activities are necessary for your business to operate properly.

You might need to spread employees out over a wide range of space. Your team could benefit from wearable technology to improve communication.

If you have extensive customer service, you could help out your customer service representatives by automating part of the process with chatbots.

The possibilities are endless. Begin with identifying your business pain points to find technology that is best suited for your needs.

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows you and your team to move from one device to the next without problems. This allows for easy access to files and information across your organization.

Instead of jumping from employee to employee to find a specific document, you can access it directly in the cloud.

2. Conference Calling Services

Communicating across distances with multiple teams becomes a complex matter. But with conference calling services, you can distribute a code and have all party members easily tune in to the same channel. This is great for sales calls and multi-department meetings.

There are even options to use a free conference call service which will add no additional financial burden to your business.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots can automate the customer service process by answering simple questions and collecting information. This means your customer service team can focus on the complicated cases and continue communication with more qualified prospects.

Chatbots can also be used to collect information from leads for your sales team to contact later. This could result in more closed deals, and higher profits, for the business.

4. Project Managers and Collaborative Software

Slack, Monday, and Yammer are only a few of the options businesses have to choose from when selecting a new software to enhance their internal communications.

Collaborative software allows employees to seamlessly communicate shifts in directions and get answers to questions quickly. This eliminates the bottleneck created by waiting for email responses to move forward with projects.

Project managers give supervisors the ability to hold all team members responsible and keep an eye on exactly where projects are at in the production cycle.

5. Wearable Technology

We’ll admit it, this might not be the most practical solution for all businesses. However, for certain industries, wearable technology eliminates all of their communication problems.

For example, event managers can communicate with their entire team using smart technology that is worn on their wrist or around their neck. Using a click of a button or a walkie-talkie mode they can send out directions their assistants are sure to receive.

Improving Your Business with New Technology

Using new technology for businesses can improve employee productivity, boost client relations through automation, and pull in more profits. The benefits are a chain reaction that starts with the introduction of carefully selected technology.