New Oral Hygiene Study Reveals 39% of 25-34-Year-olds Brush Teeth Less Than Once a Week

Oral hygiene, as much as we like to overlook it, cannot be overemphasized. This is simply because our oral health is just as important as our general health and should be maintained properly.

Contrary to what most people may think, not keeping good oral hygiene could have devastating consequences on our health ‌and could cause certain diseases.

Hive Business, a dental accountants company based in Cornwall, surveyed 1,000 respondents as part of National Smile Month 2022 to identify the state of the UK’s oral hygiene habits.

These are the critical oral hygiene statistics:

39% Of 25-34-Year-Olds Brush Their Teeth Less Than Once a Week

In what may come as a shocking discovery, an astonishing 39% of 25-34-year-olds admitted that they brush their teeth less than once a week.

This habit seriously calls for concern, especially when one thinks of the number of food particles that may have accumulated within the teeth over the week.

This‌ could cause bacteria and other kinds of germs to live within the mouth, leading to bad breath or mouth odor‌. There could also be the presence of tooth plaque, which can cause toothaches and tooth decay.

Hopefully, people can be educated by dental practitioners on the need to brush at least twice daily and take care of their dental health. They also need to be taught the benefits of having healthy gums and teeth, which would help prevent other health conditions such as heart problems.

On the other end of the spectrum, millennials showed they take care of their oral health as about 63% of them admitted ‌they brush their teeth more than three times daily!

Is Sharing Caring? 28% Of Respondents Admit to Sharing Their Toothbrush With Someone At Least Once

Sharing a toothbrush with someone else is a very unhealthy thing to do. The fact that a significant number of people have done this at least once is quite disturbing.

This means that they are not aware of the dangers of sharing a toothbrush with someone else. For one, sharing toothbrushes could lead to the spread of gum diseases, and this could be a thriving hotspot for bacteria to spread, which could cause serious pain in the process.

49% Of Respondents Admitted ‌They Visit the Dentist Over Four Times A Year

On average, it is advised that adults should visit the dentist at least twice a year.

For this reason, the fact that close to 50% of respondents visit the dentist more than twice a year is a sign that they are paying attention to their oral health. This way, they are given regular dental checkups and any oral-related issues can be detected in their early phase and adequately treated.


The survey conducted by Hive Business shows that the state of oral hygiene in the UK does have some surprising statistics. While it’s not utterly devastating, there can still be some room for improvement, especially when it comes to the number of people who brush their teeth less than once a week.

People need to take responsibility for their oral hygiene actions before it’s too late. Leaving things for too long and not regularly brushing your teeth will ultimately lead to some devastating health issues.