New Digital Advertising Options For Your Campaign

New Digital Advertising Options For Your Campaign

Businesses of all sizes are trying to get through the noise and get their brands seen and heard. It’s increasingly difficult, with the average person exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day.There are more ways than ever because of digital marketing. There are dozens of platforms where you can buy advertising space.

It can be a lot to unravel and understand how it all works. Read on to learn the top channels to buy advertising space and find out how you can make the most of your digital marketing campaigns.

Display Ad Networks

A display ad network puts your display ads in front of users in your target audience by placing them on websites that are part of the network.

Google is probably the most well-known ad network. Facebook also has its own ad network.


Advertising space on Amazon cannot be ignored, especially as we approach the holiday season. Do you sell products online through Amazon? If you don’t, you should.

About 66% of people conduct product research on Amazon before they buy. The vast majority of buyers are going to purchase products online at Amazon rather than other retailers.

There are ways to get in front of buyers at every step of the journey, from product research to product purchase. You can buy sponsored product ads, display ads, and create brand pages for your product lines.


Have you ever had a Spotify free account? Then you know that in order to listen to music for free, you have to list to ads periodically.

From a marketing standpoint, Spotify advertising offers a lot because it’s affordable and you have a captive audience. They’ll listen or watch your ad because they want to listen to music.

With other forms of advertising space, viewers might turn away or ignore your ad altogether.

Social Media

Advertising space on social media channels has been in the news lately, thanks to political advertising. The reason why it’s a hot topic is that social media advertising is effective and affordable.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest give marketers the chance to sell their wares and raise their brand awareness.

You want to choose the social network that fits best with your brand and your needs. You also want to choose a network that your target audience uses.

Some products are better suited for different networks, too. A DIY product would be great for Pinterest since DIY projects are very popular on the pinning platform.

Make the Most of Your Advertising Space

Buying ads to increase traffic to your site is only part of the equation. That traffic has to convert. If you don’t set up your campaign with the end result in mind, you’re wasting your advertising budget.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your campaign’s results.

Campaign Goals and Purpose

Why are you buying advertising space? You have to answer that question in order to build a successful campaign. The goals and the purpose will help you make decisions along the way, such as where to advertise and the creative used in the campaigns.

For example, your fitness center is launching a campaign with two objectives. You want to increase brand awareness among your core audience of 25-35 year old women. You also want them to sign up to download a free weight loss guide to build up your email list.

Based on that alone, you decide to start your ads on Instagram and Facebook, with a display ad retargeting campaign.

The Landing Page

The landing page has a couple of purposes. It validates the action that the visitor took to get to your site. By validating a click, your landing page is consistent with the ad and the visitor will get what they came for.

If you had a series of ads encouraging people to download a weight-loss guide and your landing page features a guide for HITT exercises, you would confuse visitors and they’d go back to what they were doing.

Your landing page needs to be designed in a way that is compelling and looks great on mobile devices. You have to have an image, a strong headline, and supporting text that gets visitors to keep reading and take action.

Have a Call to Action

A call to action is a big part of the landing page and it deserves its own space. A call to action is simply telling visitors what the next step is. In using the example above, that would be to sign up to download a weight-loss guide.

Your call to action needs to be strong and direct. You should also have only one call to action.

ABT – Always Be Testing

In sales, you probably heard of ABC  – Always Be Closing. In digital marketing, you constantly have to test and tweak your campaigns to get them just right.

One image or word tweak can make a huge difference to your campaign. Launch your campaign and let it run for a couple of weeks. Don’t even look at analytics (this is hard for everyone).

During this time, you’re collecting data to see what’s working and what’s not. After a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to tell where the weak spots are in your campaign. For example, if you see a clickthrough rate that’s low, test your creative.

If you see that conversions are low, but clickthroughs are high, test your landing page. Remember that a campaign can always be improved.

Buying the Right Advertising Space for Your Next Campaign

Digital marketing has come a long way in the last 20 years. There are a lot of options for advertising and reach your target audience.

Digital marketing is much more affordable, creating a level playing field. You have a lot of options to buy advertising space to drive traffic to your site. You have to make sure your campaign is set up to capture that audience.