New Career, New You:
A Guide to Top Healthcare Jobs

You’re stuck in a rut. You’re looking for a new career. You’re considering getting into the healthcare realm.

The question you have is: what types of healthcare jobs are out there? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a review of the different types of healthcare jobs.

Image by B Ban from Pixabay


As far as healthcare goes, physicians are the top dogs. They take on the most responsibility and make the most money (with a median salary of around $200,000 a year). Note, though, that there’s a great deal of schooling that goes into becoming a physician.

Physician’s Assistant

If you’re not motivated to become a full-on physician, you could instead become a physician’s assistant. These individuals help physicians with everyday tasks, from administering exams to dealing with patients and more. They make about half as much as physicians but only need a master’s degree, not a Doctorate.

Nurse Practitioner

If you don’t want to become a physician’s assistant, you could become a Nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners perform many of the duties that physician assistants perform. However, they tend to have a little more contact with patients. Nurse practitioners make a little over $100,000 a year and must obtain master’s degrees.

Healthcare Administrator

If you don’t want to work with patients face-to-face but would rather deal with the everyday operations of a healthcare facility as a whole, you could work to become a healthcare administrator. These are essentially the managers of hospitals. They oversee all other employees and make operational decisions for their respective organizations.

Healthcare administrators make a median of $70,000 a year. Note, though, that they can make up to $150,000.

Medical Assisting Tech

If you don’t feel like going to college, you could become a medical assisting tech. These individuals can get into their careers with just a high school diploma, though many take vocational classes prior to starting. Medical assistants make a median salary of around $35,000.

Speech-Language Pathologist 

Do you like language and helping people? If so, you might consider becoming a speech-language pathologist. These professionals work with people with speech impediments, helping them improve their linguistic skills.

They make a median of $77,000 a year and need master’s degrees in order to break into the profession.


Anesthesiologists are responsible for administering anesthesia. In other words, they put patients to sleep before surgeries and other procedures.

You might be surprised to hear that anesthesiologists make around $200,000 a year, the same as standard physicians. Note, though, that like physicians, they must obtain doctorates prior to starting their careers.

Choosing A Satisfying Career in Healthcare

In truth, there are many different types of healthcare jobs for you to choose from. This list covers only a select few. Regardless of your interests, there is a satisfying and fulfilling role in healthcare that suits you.