MLB and Snapchat Swing
For The Fences

MLB and Snapchat Swing For The Fences
By Bob Fine

If it wasn’t for the Kansas City Royals sending out a news bulletin today to their email list and fan base, I would have never known that MLB was holding an official Snapchat Day tomorrow with all the teams at Spring Training. Perhaps this is training as well for the ball players before opening day. It’s highly likely that all the rookies, and first and second year players are Snapchat experts, but I would guess that most of the veteran players are still struggling, as most of us are that are over 30. Here’s a great circumstance where the veterans will be learning and taking cues from the rookies.


Following a successful first season partnership in 2015 with the popular MLB Wednesdays, MLB and Snapchat are joining forces again for a multi-year partnership to bring Snapchatters closer to the action and excitement of their favorite MLB players and teams. The extended partnership will begin with a first-of-its-kind event in professional sports – Snapchat Day across MLB Spring Training ballparks – on Friday, March 11.

Exclusively on that day, Snapchat and MLB will be giving Snapchatters an unprecedented look into baseball by showing what life is like at Spring Training. This will include giving Snapchatters unprecedented access to the players during games adding color and immersion for a special MLB Live Story. For the first time ever, players will be permitted to utilize smartphones, including the official SnapBat, in dugouts and bullpens during live games.


The following is a compilation video of the Tampa Bay Ray’s Chris Archer takeover of MLB’s Snapchat channel a few days ago at Spring Training:

Below is a list of all the Snapchat QR codes for the MLB teams that you can follow on Snapchat.


Did Snapchat forget that March Madness starts next week? Honestly, who really cares about Spring Training. The games don’t count. That’s why it’s called training. Only 24 days until Opening Day.

Bob Fine is the founder and publisher of The Social Media Monthly.