Methods To Boost Your Instagram Presence

Methods To Boost Your Instagram Presence

No matter what kind of business you run, Instagram can be turned from a bit of fun into one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. However, if you’re just starting to use this particular network, progress can feel pretty slow. If you’re getting frustrated with the photo sharing platform, here are some of the simplest ways to give your Instagram presence a nice boost.


One good way to up your Instagram following in a short space of time is hosting a takeover. As I’m sure you’re aware, your brand fits into a certain market and community within the world of business. If you’re looking to get closer to other players in this community, hosting a takeover is a great way to do it. In a takeover, you invite a brand ambassador, employee or influencer to take control of your company’s Instagram feed, and put a whole new spin on your usual stream of content. To find some good candidates, start looking at the feeds of companies which are in the same vein as yours, commenting on their posts and liking their photos. You’ll naturally begin to communicate more and more, and find opportunities for collaboration. Just make sure to look at the other companies’ community of followers, and consider how well this would fit with your own brand.

Holding contests is another great way for you to create more engagement with your brand. It’s a universal law of all marketing that people like getting free stuff. If you’re in the startup period, you might retch at the thought of giving up your limited capital, but the long term rewards can make up for investing in a competition. There are three main models of Instagram contests. The simple “like to win” system gets followers to enter by liking your pictures. It’s a similar kind of deal with the “comment to win” model. Another is the “choose your own adventure” system, where users have to follow a series of posts, and find the winning one.

Finally, selling out. There are several ways for a brand to figuratively “sell out” on Instagram. If you really need a boost in a short space of time, then the simplest method to recommend is buy Instagram likes, which usually leads to more followers and more user generated content. Another option to gain influence is employing the help of brand ambassadors. These are individuals with high Instagram followings who will work with you to promote your business. When looking for someone as a prospective ambassador, be sure to keep your brand identity in mind. If their work takes off, they’ll quickly become the face and voice of your brand in the eyes of many of your followers.

Any one of these three methods will give your Instagram presence an immediate, measurable boost. While they won’t solve your Instagram marketing indefinitely, they’ll certainly give you a better grip on the whole job.