How To Make B2C Online Transactions Easier

How To Make B2C Online Transactions Easier

When it comes to retail markets in North America and Europe, e-commerce is the fastest growing market. In the United States, online sales amounted to $349.25 billion in 2015; this figure had risen to $399.53 billion by 2016. The forecast for 2017 suggests that the total number of US online sales will reach $459.07 billion. The e-commerce market is growing, and it is clear that many consumers are happy purchasing in this way. However, organizations should always be looking for ways to make business-to-consumer (B2C) online transactions easier, as this will help firms gain sales in comparison to their rivals.

how to make b2c online transactions eaiser

While many people can carry out online transactions quickly and simply, this isn’t the case for every deal or every company. In fact, there is a wide range of factors that can prevent people from buying goods or items, and it’s important that companies are aware of these issues and take steps to resolve them.

Many Issues Can Make B2C Transactions Difficult

Some of the biggest issues affecting online transactions include:

  • Poorly designed layout
  • Confusing processes to buy products
  • Limited payment options
  • A lack of information about products or services
  • Absent or unclear terms and conditions for buying from a company
  • Difficulty in customers signing up and proving they are who they say they are

Some of these issues relate to the functionality or usability of the website, others are technical matters, and there will be some problems that are caused by a lack of understanding on the part of the customer. All of these matters can be problematic, and it is essential that companies take steps to improve the different components of a customer’s buying process.

If a customer becomes frustrated or unsure what to do next at any point, they may decide to leave the purchase for later, and this often results in a customer leaving without returning. The importance of making the buying process as easy as possible can be seen with Amazon’s desire for consumers to conclude purchases with one click. This helps to ensure impulse purchases are completed before the customer can consider their options, and it also indicates the customer has a high degree of confidence in buying from a company.

Online Purchases Should Be Convenient

Buying online is hugely convenient, and this means the buying process has to be convenient. Companies that have their own e-commerce system in place on their website need to meet all the needs of their consumers. This means providing the information a customer needs to convince them to buy and making the movement from browsing to buying as simple as possible. This isn’t always easy, which is why effective website design and layouts are crucial in the present day. All online retailers should focus on minimizing the number of steps a customer has to take to conclude a purchase; this will improve their reputation while increasing sales.

There is also a growing need for security when it comes to online transactions. If a consumer is not confident about using a site, they will buy elsewhere. This means firms need to take steps that prove they are reputable and reliable. In the online market, there is a great deal of importance placed on accountability, and an online retailer that identifies themselves and their individual customers will be regarded as a more secure option than a company that cannot provide this assurance.

While there are several ways in which accountability can be created with an online transaction, a digital signature is a sensible way to allow people to prove who they are. Signatures have long been the recognized way to identify yourself or to create accountability for a purchase or transaction.

One company that provides a range of reliable online signature services is Docusign, a company where Keith Krach served with distinction for many years. The company is well known for its innovative services that help firms and customers track their purchases through an effective digital audit trail. Having a digital signature service in place can provide customers with a greater degree of confidence, and the accountability of this feature can speed up transactions and any further dealings between your firm and the customer.

Online commerce is only going to become stronger and more important in people’s lives, which means companies must ensure they provide a robust and reliable service. No matter what sector a firm is in, making online transactions easier will help them make more sales for years to come.