London Video Production in the Movie Industry Is Basking in all its Glory! 

London is the hub for so many industries around the world. From large corporate businesses to small independent shops, one of the best places you can ‘make it’ is London. One industry that is thriving in the capital is London video production.

The diverse nature, value for money and ease of access all contribute to the success of video production in London. While Hollywood may still be seen as the home of the big screen, London is quickly becoming a competitor. A video production agency in London has recently highlighted just how popular London is by creating an infographic to show some of the most iconic movies featured in the London underground, you can click here to see more.

Making Use of London’s Backdrop

It isn’t just the tube system that is a popular filming location, although certainly essential for portraying the city of London in any film. Any London video production agency will be able to tell anyone considering filming in London that it provides on-location settings for almost every storyline, no matter what the period.

From modern-day settings in the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, period dramas in the many palaces and stately homes and even science fiction in the futuristic architecture. There really is something for every need. What’s more, there are movie studios opening around the UK that are just a stone’s throw away from London, so studio scenes can be filmed back-to-back with on-set.

Making The Most of Budgets

Cash flow is an issue with even the biggest silver screen producers. Making the most of every penny is essential to ensure that not just audiences are happy, but also the cast and crew are paid fairly. The UK government offers tax relief to every video production agency in London.

This means films can save as much as 20% of their entire budget spent in the capital, which for some can equate to millions. Alongside this fantastic scheme, producers can claim up to 25% back of the costs for their talent. This is anything from the leading actors to runners, which is a saving not offered anywhere else in the world.

The Best Crew

While the cast is typically predetermined far in advance of filming, the crew for films may not be hired until the last minute. Especially when filming on location, there may be crew members that are needed that were previously overlooked, even with the best planning beforehand.

Crew members in every discipline are located in London and are famous for being some of the most talented, dedicated and passionate talents in the world. Especially for those in mainland Europe, London is a natural hub to flock to when pursuing a career in the film industry.

From contracted crew to freelancers, London can provide top-rate crew for any need and occasion, reducing costs of flying people over and paying accommodation, while also ensuring quality.

Ensuring The Best Equipment

You may have the best cast, writers, crew and directors but without the right equipment, a film’s integrity can easily fall. From cameras and lights to tracks and booms, every part of the technology used in filmmaking is essential to the final product.

Flying these items across the world is incredibly expensive, not just the flight itself but insurance and repairs for damage in transit can quickly eat budgets and delay filming. Anyone with any knowledge of film production will know that a few hours lost can cause huge problems with the rest of production.

London is the home to hundreds of equipment hire businesses, from small-scale productions to Hollywood blockbusters. Not only does this alleviate transit costs, but engineers are always close to the location, meaning any issues that could arise from broken or malfunctioning equipment can be rectified in a matter of hours, reducing the impact on the overall schedule.

Looking After the Cast and Crew

For so many, being part of a film is a magical experience, but it also comes with consequences. Weeks or even months away from home, with busy schedules and being somewhere unknown can lead to both mental and physical health issues.

The wonderful thing about London is the diverse nature of everything that is on offer. That means cast and crew can enjoy their downtime completely tailored to personal preference. From spas and museums to nightlife and theatres, tastes can be accommodated for, meaning that everyone can feel ‘at at home’ even when they are not.

While LA is still very much the movie capital of the world, London has quickly become a very close second. American-born films were seen as the pinnacle of mainstream movies a few decades ago. However, British made films are now a hot contender and the benefits of filming within London definitely is a large factor in this.