Lithuania Invites Participation On International #StartupDay

Lithuania Invites Participation On International #StartupDay

Today on International Startup Day, everyone has a chance to meet entrepreneurs online, those who share the same passion for this job, lifestyle and even inspiring music. This is also a perfect opportunity to inspire the wannabe startups as well as promote entrepreneurship local communities.


Everyone from Lithuania to the Phillippines claimed August 13th as International Startup Day last year, therefore Startup Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania are ambitious enough to continue this tradition.

How does it work? Today, on August 13th startups and/or entrepreneurs will share the music that they love on Twitter and/or Facebook. There are no additional requirements; all music types will be accepted. They will have to add hashtags to the post such as #StartupDay2015 and #city where they live, work and create. They can also add additional tags, such as #startupname, your #cat or that #specialsomeone.

So, this is an amazing start to rocking the Internet today and celebrating entrepreneurship together. Now, this is not the end. Startup Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania will gather all the posted songs, add their locations, and create startup playlists which will be played during various startup events, including the Startup Festival in Lithuania next year. Also, based on the added locations, they will publish a Global Startup Music Map.

Numerous examples show that the international cooperation between startups opens up even more possibilities to connect and create breakthrough results. Although entrepreneurship is challenging and risky, and there are many differences across various systems, it is in fact, the most principal engine for growth of our time.

When outstanding scientists, businessmen, investors and governments combine their efforts, the young, fearless and innovative startups power the growth, defy borders and traditions, and re-design the world we live in most effectively. So, this year we invite them to connect through music.

Music is also sometimes compared to a transcendent power – magic. It brings people together to think alike and even feel alike; it may even communicate the messages and speak the words we can’t normally express. So, what’s your message?

“Enterprise Lithuania” is a governmental organization that is promoting entrepreneurship and export in the country, powering the “Startup Lithuania” community and facilitating the Lithuanian startup ecosystem. The institution organizes projects and events dedicated to startups at all stages as well as anyone interested in this sector.