Why Linking Your Website To
Social Media Is So Important

The harsh reality is that 25% of small businesses are yet to fully embrace social media. With the success rate of businesses standing at 50%, social media and owning a great website can be the deciding factor in which half of that percentage your business sits in. With the world now full of technology and the advancements it has to offer us, signing up to social media and linking it to your website is incredibly important and a must do for every business.

If you’re a business without a website, then it’s time to create an online presence. Websites do not have to be costly, and there are platforms such as WordPress than can let you build a website for free. However, a “homemade” website can make your company seem cheap and unprofessional. Sites such as TheWebsiteGroup.co.uk can provide businesses with a happy medium, as they can design and develop a website with no setup costs.

When telling a website developer of all the must haves your website should include, do not forget to include social media, as this is a great marketing and advertising platform for your business to harness. Here’s how you can integrate social media into your website:

Social Share and Follow Buttons

By including social share and follow buttons onto your website, you’re providing the opportunity for your content to become shareable, with viral potential. This can increase awareness to your company, and provides a free marketing tool for your marketing team to utilize as shareable content is a great way to keep customers entertained and up-to-date. By providing an opportunity for people to share your content easily, you’re also improving the user experience, which is vital, as the number of social network users worldwide amounts to an astonishing 2.34bn.

Social Media Video Functions

Many social media platforms such as Facebook incorporate an algorithm that ensures that video is placed higher than anything else. If your company incorporates video into their website and links it to Facebook, then you’re more likely to reach wider audiences as they rank higher than text posts and photos. If this function is coupled with the social share buttons stated above, then your video content will receive views.

Social Login

Many users admit to preferring logging into sites with their social accounts over the ones that require them to create an account by providing an email and password. This is because account creation is time consuming and tedious, and logging in with a pre-made Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account is much easier than creating a whole new one. This also provides better odds for people signing up for your newsletters and increases website registration conversions and retention as it eliminates ‘password fatigue.’

By creating a website and making it social media friendly, you will not only increase traffic, registration conversions and sale prospects, but also increase your social media following. When the two work together, you can market your product or services through an unbeatable online presence.