Leverage Your Crowdfunding Project via Social Networks

Leverage Your Crowdfunding Project via Social Networks
By Yana Yelina

Crowdfunding In Short

With the development of internet technologies, we get more and more opportunities for doing business. Many enthusiasts have already tried a new effective model, crowdfunding, to develop their startups and promising projects. Such an approach allows raising capital online through the collective effort of thousands or even millions of people, including potential funders and investors. You advertise your business in an accessible online format on a crowdfunding platform, but if you want to meet the final objective, you should apply social media for each stage of your campaign.


How can we generate power from social networks to make a crowdfunding project successful?

First, you disseminate the necessary information about your project via paid and free social channels, build up the interest of investors and developers, thus reaching your target audience. Secondly, social networks are full of useful information and intellectual resources, so don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from already existing ideas. Maybe it’s hard to believe, but in the future these ideas may yield excellent results for investors.

Unfortunately, there’s the reverse of the coin as well. Social networks swarm with meaningless garbage that converts the search into a very complicated and painstaking process. In this case natural language analysis products can become a solution to an effective search. Such products allow getting access to a subject oriented search. IT experts in Custom Social Network solutions will help you make an efficient symbiosis between social networks and crowdfunding platforms.

Furthermore, crowdfunding provides you with a detached view of your project with valuable and fast feedback from social network users. You can receive a continuous stream of opinions. To systematize all the reviews, you need an IT solution such as a sentiment analysis tool that have already been put into practice previously by software developers.


You can see the importance of social networks and effective IT solutions for the success of a crowdfunding business project. Just ask for IT help to use the right tools to get the right audience and opinions, ultimately resulting in more funds.

Yana Yelina is a website design and development expert at EffectiveSoft, a custom software development company with 250+ savvy specialists who boast expertise in different business domains.