Why KW Research Can Take Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

Why KW Research Can Take Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

Content marketing means the creation and distribution of free, relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience and to finally drive profitable customer action.

There are several reasons why you would need content marketing but three primary reasons for using content marketing include the following:

  • To increase sales
  • For cost saving reasons
  • To gain customer loyalty

These days people want valuable information that will help them research what they want. Most people don’t want advertising shoved down their throats when they are looking to make a purchase.

Therefore, the content that you share or distribute should be closely related to what you offer/sell because its primary use is to educate your target audience to gain awareness, recognize, understand, trust and like you and your product enough to become your customer.

At the end of the day content creators want two key things to happen when they create content:

  1. That potential customers desire, seek for and find the created content
  2. That search engines like Google rank their content well so that people can find them easily.
  3. So, the question is, how do achieve this?

Well, of course, there are several answers to this question but the answer that most expert content marketers will tell you about without skipping a heartbeat is by using Keywords (KW).

What is KW Research?

One of the most essential elements of marketing in today’s world is the use of keywords. Through Keywords, search engines make your content, website, and products of offers visible to the world. Consequently, a lot more people get to know about you and your product which means that you get to achieve your marketing goals.

If you do proper Keyword research, you can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams. The key is to focus on the intent and context of words or phrases of search engine users. The flip side of this same idea is that you want to do KW research because you don’t want to haphazardly create content with no idea about what your target audience is searching for or want to consume.

There are several guides on how to do keyword research. They all ultimately ask you to follow the following process:

  1. Start with an initial list of seed terms you may want to focus on
  2. Expand your list making use of Keyword Research tool.
  3. Refine the list of Keywords using competitive research

In order to understand your audience’s mindset, you need to study certain factors to define the value of the keywords. Some of these factors include:

  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty (KD)
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC)
  • Competitive Density

Why KW Research is Important

Today, Keyword research has become an increasingly core skill to have for any content marketer. If you manage to do your keyword research the right way, you can take your Content Marketing to the next level in the following ways:

  1. Gain an engaged audience that already cares about your content. Since your content is created using the intent of the search engine user in mind and based on what you have to offer, the content will be relevant and therefore powerfully engage your audience.
  2. Increased conversion rates. Since your audience is engaged and consuming information that answers their specific questions and because you already have an answer or solution to their exact query, concern or need, then you will automatically register an increased conversion rate.
  3. Marketing trend and consumer behavior insight. Through analyzing keywords, you attract qualified leads, gain insights into current marketing trends, and also get to understand consumer behavior specific to your needs.
  4. Gain coveted top spots in SERP’s. For both SEO and PPC, you want to choose the most appropriate KW for your content and be as highly ranked on the search engine results page (SERP) because most search engine users never look past the first page of the SERP
  5. Efficient use of your time and money. Through KW research you efficiently spend your time and money because you will create content that already has demand. This means that you can easily prioritize the limited resources that you have to do a lot more. Efficient use of your time and money, of course, has an enormous impact on your ROI.
  6. Use keywords efficiently by placing them in the right spot. Finding the right keywords that will attract your audience is one benefit of KW research. Another critically important benefit of keyword research is placing the keywords in the right place within the content that you create. Keywords could be placed in the URL, page titles, alt text, anchor text and so on. Such keyword placement can have a massive impact on your search engine ranking.

How to approach Keyword Research for your Content Marketing

Now that you know how KW research can skyrocket the results of your content marketing, how should you approach it?

Well, if you are looking to start a new business, or if you already have a business, you first want to decide who your target audience is. You must then understand the difference between what your audience wants, what you want and where the two things intersect. To do this you need tools that can point you in the right direction using gathered data instead of just going with your gut feeling.

How Ubersuggest Can Help

Using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a popular route to take because it is a free tool and because it seems relevant to use a tool created by the search engine that you want to optimize for. However, this tool is meant for advertisers and may not accumulate all the assets that you may require for proper KW Research. This is where Ubersuggest can come to your rescue.

Here is what you need to know about Ubersuggest:

  • It is a comprehensive KW suggestion and optimization tool that you can use for both SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • The tool is free.
  • Collects data from Google Analytics and Webmasters tools without having to log into these tools
  • It is easy to use and yet very comprehensive in its capabilities
  • You can easily expand your initial seed terms into a deep list of keywords, keyword phrases, and their permutations
  • You can easily determine the value of keywords using key factors like Volume, CPC, Competition, and Seasonality.