Jumpstart Your Modeling
Career with These Expert Tips

If you’re interested in getting started with modeling and don’t know where to start, this article will give you some of the most important things to know before you embark on your new journey! We will teach you how to make your portfolio, what to wear for a shoot, and how to create a resume that will set you apart from the competition. We will provide some insight into who is looking for models and what they want from them!

Go For a Reputable Agency

The right agency will be able to get you to work that pays more than what you would get on your own. This is the perfect way to start your career! However, do not sign with an agency if it doesn’t seem like a good fit. Make sure they treat their models well and offer more than just catwalk gigs – make sure you can get some of those paying advertising jobs we’ve been talking about before you sign on the dotted line! However, if you just want to do this part-time and get to know people, a better option is to opt for a trade show modeling agency. To do well as a model, you must first feel confident in your skin – there’s no way around it! If you want an agency or other organization to see what amazing potential lies within, it has to shine through every time they look at your photos

Establish A Portfolio

The first step to getting started in modeling is establishing a strong portfolio that potential clients will be interested in. This doesn’t mean you need hundreds of high-quality photos, but rather 4-5 good photos with which you can show yourself at your best – don’t forget to include headshots! Focus on having someone well-known take these photos for the most professional look possible. If you are unable to get someone famous to take your photos, don’t worry! There are plenty of photographers who are new themselves and are looking for inexperienced models who won’t cost them much. You can also ask friends or family members if they have any ideas – some people may only want their photo taken as a gift for another person!

Be Sure to Edit Your Photos

Your photos should be of the highest quality – if they are grainy or blurry, they won’t reflect well on your brand. Make sure to always edit your photos to look their best! If you aren’t confident in Photoshop, find someone who is and have them edit your pictures for you. It will make all the difference when it comes time to apply for jobs!

Be Prepared for The Camera

Every model has faced this at some point or another – being told by a photographer or director that they need to “loosen up.” There is no exact science behind how to pose, but there are ways you can get yourself out of whatever rut you’re stuck in. A little bit about cameras and angles goes a long way. Make sure you’re looking directly at the camera, keep your shoulders straight, and smile wide!

Wear Comfortable Clothing for Your Shoot

What to wear during a photoshoot can be tricky – while some fashionistas will tell you that wearing high heels is the only way to go, it isn’t necessary! You want to look professional without being uncomfortable. If you are comfortable in whatever clothing you are wearing, you’ll do just fine. If it’s too tight or too short, however, don’t be afraid to say something! You should always feel comfortable when someone else is taking photos of you – if they start making comments about your body or clothing choices that make you feel uneasy, speak up!

Create A Strong Resume

Creating a resume isn’t just for college students anymore. Many people in the modeling industry will tell you that your resume is one of the most important parts of getting a job. Remember when we talked about editing photos? You’ll want to do the same with your resume – keep it clean and professional-looking! Your contact information should be easy to find and understand, and if you have references, make sure they are well known in the industry. It’s also important to list any relevant experience you have, such as having been in a school play or being part of a theater group in high school.

Be Open-Minded and Establish Good Relationships

While it can be difficult to get started in this competitive world, remember not to turn down opportunities! Even if it’s a “just” catwalk experience – take it, learn from it, and grow. You won’t be able to find your niche if you don’t first try new things out. It could even turn into something big! Don’t miss the chance to be in a music video because you think there are already too many other models vying for that one spot – apply anyway and see what happens! What good is your portfolio without clients? Getting work as a model is all about who you know, so make sure to establish strong relationships with those around you! You can also consider your presence on social media and how it can help you communicate your career.  The best way to do this is by being friendly and approachable. If someone asks for your contact information, give it to them! You never know who a potential client could be, and if more people have your information, they are more likely to contact you when they need a model.

Work With Photographers Who Make You Look Your Best

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that any photos taken of you will help your modeling career rather than hurt it. While this isn’t always possible (there’s no guarantee what kind of photo will wind up online!), try to work with photographers that seem like they understand what you’re looking for in terms of exposure. If something doesn’t look quite right during a shoot, but your photographer insists on keeping it in the final cut, don’t just settle for it – ask them not to put it up online.

At the end of the day, modeling should be fun! If doing high fashion shoots isn’t your thing, don’t feel guilty about it! There are so many different parts of this industry – why not try them out all? Take every opportunity that’s offered to you, but don’t feel like you have to take on a job that doesn’t make you happy! In the end, satisfaction is all that matters.