iTunes Apps That Are Smarter Than Humans

iTunes Apps That Are Smarter Than Humans

From accessing Facebook and Twitter, learning how to play music, or simply giving you a free way to text your friends, iTunes apps have come a long way since their inception over five years ago. In September, it was announced that there are now over 1 million apps available in the App Store. Instead of wasting time on Angry Birds, many of these apps can actually help you improve your intelligence or even help you out in the everyday world. Prep your mind for a new sector of apps that help you pass tests or discover facts you previously had to survive med school to attain.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

If you wonder about that growth on your skin, you can look up symptoms that may be part of a larger medical issue. This medical app is so detailed that even doctors could use it, as it allows you to see possible scenarios for treatment. The graphics help you visualize the medical issue, making it more useful for people without an anatomy or physiology background. Click on the various icons to see causes, treatment and prevention to keep you healthy everyday.


If you have tried to learn a foreign language, but gave up on the dream, Duolingo is here to get you fluent in no time. Unlike other (often costly) foreign language education platforms, Duolingo uses both visual and listening cues to teach you new words and phrases all for free. For example, you can take a multiple-choice quiz and click on the answer, or engage in a vocal lesson where pronunciation and accent are highlighted. You’ll be speaking like a native in a matter of weeks. It also has social features, allowing you to add friends to compete with. There’s even a Duolingo Subreddit for the serious users to get involved with if they want.


Atlas by Collins allows you to quiz yourself on geographic terms, regions and climates. Study maps and population data to help you win each quiz and gain knowledge. If you are a student, this app is perfect for passing geography bees, even for high-level curriculum. Understanding the world helps you learn about people and Earth’s origins for a better outlook on life as a whole.


Many people have poor memory, making them perform badly in class and receive lower test scores. Use the Eidetic app to boost your memory through spaced memory games. Using a strategic timer, you take memory tests about familiar items, such as facts or phone numbers. Holding them in your short-term memory, this app slowly trains your mind to move the information to long-term areas. This process allows you to retain more information for longer time periods, acing tests in the process.

Anyone can benefit from the use of educational iTunes apps to keep their mind fresh and agile, whether they are in high school, just learning something new as a hobby, or in retirement and looking for something fun to do. There is always something to learn and explore in the world.

HIPPOmsg was founded in March of 2012 by two surgeons who trained together as residents in a Boston teaching hospital more than a decade before, in the era of pagers and landlines, when mobile phone use was banned in hospitals. It was created to transform healthcare communication and make transmitting protected healthcare information as “real time” as regulations allow.