Interesting Casino Slots Trivia

Machine slots are gaining popularity throughout the world because of the appealing visuals ,the possibility of winning a jackpot and growth of online casino with free spins. There are a lot of interesting casino slots trivia about people who managed to trick the machines or slots with amazing stories. It’s great to know more about casinos to further learn the process when it comes to online betting

Yo-Yo Effect

A brilliant way to cheat the machine and goes like this: a person ties a string around a coin and inserts the coin into the slot. Thus, a cheater keeps the coin in the slot for as long as they want, usually until they get the big win or get caught and go to jail.

The Coin

Louis Colavecchio, known as “The Coin” is an American Casino counterfeiter. Louis has recently been arrested again even though he is 77 years old at the moment, the guy never could give up counterfeiting. He became famous for fabricating slot machine coins using special dies which earned him a TV-series “Breaking Vegas” which aired in 2004. Because of “The Coin”, American casinos dropped the tokens and started giving paper vouchers.

Bald Coins

The slot developers created a new system of proofing optic sensor system that would reject coins which weren’t real. But as the slot technology evolved, so did the scammers. An answer to the new optic sensor that the slots used was a “shaved coin”. Basically, the coin was shaved on the edges and would pass the first light sensor which granted them with credit but would, later on, be rejected. This meant that they could simply play with the same coin all over again. Why? Well, the trick was that slot machines had separated the optical sensor part and the physical part so once the coin passed the optical part, credit was received but during the second check, the coin got rejected.

Monkey Paw

The Monkey Paw was developed by another con artist, Tommy Carmichael who worked during the 1980s in the US. So, Tommy took a guitar wire and attached it to a metal rod that he would put inside the slot’s air vent and move until he managed to trigger the coin hopper.

Light Wand

Carmichael got bored with the Monkey Paw and developed the light wand, a modification of the prior technique. Tommy connected the wire to a battery source and blinded the optical sensors which meant that the machine was unaware of how many coins have been deposited nor how many should be paid out.

Nevada’s Programmer

Nowadays, slots run on codes and there are a lot of hackers out there trying to break them. This is not a story about an outside hacker but about an inside joker. Ronald Harris worked as a software engineer for Nevada’s Gaming Commission. He didn’t mess with most of the machines but in 30 of them, he instilled a set of actions that always result in a payout. For years, Ronald had his moderate winnings and as all, he went a bit too far when he started working at Keno game and won a jackpot of $100,000 the same year.

The history tells us a story of evolution and it is evident that cheating will never get eradicated, it will always evolve with the technology. It is a closed circle of the arms race.