Intel Launches “TMI” Campaign to
Combat Online Oversharing

Intel Corporation has joined with McAfee, Dell and other tech companies this summer to help fight the problem of people oversharing information online. The campaign aims to educate social media users via a series of infographics about what information they should and shouldn’t provide online.

They also have some tips on how to avoid falling prey to fake apps and Facebook scams. According to the campaign, the amount of personal information that web users disclose is shocking: 52 percent of social network users have disclosed information that could be used to commit a cybercrime against them, while people have an average of $35,000 worth of assets stored on their digital devices. Meanwhile, McAfee found 2.6 million new suspicious URLs between January and March of this year alone.

Intel is also launching a sweepstakes where followers of the initiative can win free Ultrabooks or year-long subscriptions to McAfee’s LiveSafe security service. Users can enter the sweepstakes up to nine times per day by sharing one of several humorous videos on Intel’s website. They can also join the movement on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag “#isthisTMI?”

Malware scams and fake links are becoming commonplace on Facebook, asking users to disclose personal information in exchange for access to a salacious video or the chance to win a lavish prize. They’re easy enough to avoid, however: don’t click on anything that looks fishy, and be careful what information you disclose.


This article was originally published
by our friends at Facecrooks.