Social Media Chosen As Top Choice For Following The Women’s World Cup

63% of U.S. Women Plan on Watching The WWC

Of this staggering percentage of women who plan to catch the live games, a large part of their motivation stemmed from the urge to support women in sports (52%) and Team USA (58%). In addition, 33% of them cite being soccer fans. Of those who plan on tuning into the games, 49% of them played soccer growing up, while a surprising 47% of them still play soccer as adults.

Social Media Beats Traditional and New Media For WWC Updates

While 61% of U.S. women choose their online social media networks to keep up with the latest WWC updates, 47% watches television, 37% reads news websites while a mere 6% go to print media. Of the main social media platforms, Facebook emerges triumphant with a whopping 73% of users who rely on it for sports news updates over Twitter (53%), Instagram (47%) and Snapchat (27%). Of the Twitter community, reasons cited for tweeting include: interacting with a larger community of sports fans (76%), supporting one’s team online (64%), feeling more connected to the game (49%) and feeling more patriotic by connecting with fellow citizens (27%).


72% of U.S. Women Are More Likely to Watch WWC Because Team USA is Competing

Of the women polled on this question, it is interesting to note that 25% of U.S. women would watch WWC anyway because it’s a worldwide competition. There are also distinct discrepancies between the teams U.S. women are rooting for versus the teams whom they think will win: with 78% supporting USA, only 58% actually think USA will win.

97% of U.S. Women Think That WWC Offers Strong Role Models That Inspire Girls

59% of women say they follow other international women’s sports competitions, alongside 95% who hope to see more of such global women’s sporting events open up and 97% who cite that WWC offers strong role models that inspire girls.

FIFA Corrupt Executives Scandal Got More Attention Than The WWC Artificial Turf Lawsuit

While 44% of U.S. women have heard of the FIFA scandal involving corrupt officials, only 20% have heard of the WWC lawsuit against FIFA calling for the games to be played on natural grass instead of artificial turf. Despite the FIFA scandal, 66% of women still plan on watching the WWC, the main reason (59%) cited as: the focus of WWC should be on the talented female athletes, and not corrupt FIFA executives.