Importance Of Selenium for
Salesforce Test Automation

As an ecosystem for apps, Salesforce is fast expanding. This may be one of the reasons Salesforce makes it easy to swiftly iterate organizational logic and create trouble-free user interfaces. Salesforce provides a system called Lightning Design that allows you to achieve this. As a result, developers may construct standardized user interfaces that are easy to maintain and alter. A free and open-source tool for automating the testing of internet applications across a variety of browsers and operating systems.

Selenium Salesforce’s top automation platform, Selenium, is the tool of choice for many individuals. When evaluating Salesforce with Selenium, make sure you acquire a credible judgement and understand the difficulties that may arise in the future. Because of its flexibility and accessibility, Selenium is a commonly used web testing tool. Anybody who wants to see how this technology can be productive should start here. Aside from automating browser operations, Selenium also allows you to do browser experiments. The fact that Salesforce relies on the browser makes Salesforce Selenium a logical choice for firms looking to automate their testing.

1. One of Selenium’s greatest advantages is that it is both an open source and portable technology. It doesn’t have any immediate direct expenditures attached to it either. You can use the tool for free and provide community-based assistance. You can download the tool for free.

2. In addition to Java, Perl, Python, C# Ruby, and Groovy Selenium may be used with a wide variety of programming languages. You can use any language you choose as long as you know how to write in its own script. It can work in a variety of languages, depending on the developer/preference.

3. The software can run on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Macintosh (Mac), Linux, and Unix. With the Selenium solution suite, a tailored test suite may be created on any platform and executed on another platform.

4. The demand for speed is another advantage. Automated testing can replace manual testing in any situation. In addition to speeding up the process, it also saves money on human testing. Even if there are fewer errors, it is still possible to run a large number of tests. Execution lights, functional tests and regression tests can also be enabled.

5. There are several popular browsers that can run Selenium tests, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Edge. This means that one can develop Test scripts and run them in various browsers without having to make any changes to the scripts themselves. With the help of browser drivers, it is not necessary to rewrite scripts for every browser.

6. Selenium test scripts, as we all know, may be run on a variety of browsers and operating systems. Aside from that, Selenium tests save a great deal of time when it comes to repeatability.

7. Frameworks are similar to templates in that they can be used to create a variety. They provide your scripts structure and make code maintenance easier. Frameworks improve code reuse, portability, script maintenance costs, and code readability by allowing code to be reused more often. In addition to the Data Driven Framework and Keyword Driven Framework, there are also hybrid frameworks.

Business Analysts, Functional Testers, and Developers use MS Excel to develop automated keyword scripts to do testing at various levels. In addition, testing teams are working to improve it to test on all platforms for cross-browser regression testing. In addition to functional tests like system, sanity, smoke, integration, and acceptance, the project testing team can use Selenium to increase the scope of their testing.