How Will An Agency Help To Improve Your SEO?

How Will An Agency Help To Improve Your SEO?

Everyone knows that the better your SEO ranking is, the better the performance of your website will be. But the reality is that because people know so little about SEO, and about what is happening behind the scenes and how the algorithms work, that they don’t actually know what it is. Granted, they are looking for good results when they search, but even that can be hard to verify as there are so many elements that are considered when search engines return results (including personal preferences). So, aside from the results, what else should you be expecting from an SEO agency?

Here are a few tips:

Quality Versus Quantity

There is no point is getting a lot of users to your site if they are all low value users. In short you want an audience that is relevant to you. If it is an e-commerce site, you want people who will transact. If it is a brochure site advertising your skills or service, you want a local audience. Delivering numbers is the same as fishing with dynamite. It is impressive at first glance, but in fact it is pretty useless. So, make sure that you find the right partner to deliver. SEO Services Brisbane is one option if you’re based in Brisbane or a Sydney. Build the relationship properly and make sure that expectations are clear and deliverables are agreed upon.

Signs of Life

Your partner should help you to ensure that the site always looks like it is alive. To do this they might look to create content for you, or they might just collaborate on a content calendar with you. The point is that search engines like new and original content, and you need to ensure that you keep a steady flow of fresh items on the site. This does not necessarily mean daily updates. The frequency depends entirely on the nature of the site, but it cannot stay the same for months on end. You need to show signs of life and you need to create content that your company can use to amplify your position.

A Complete Audit

The idea of being audited conjures up scary images for most company owners, but an SEO audit is a far less scary notion than a financial one. In seeking to partner with an agency, they should offer to perform a complete SEO audit on the site for you. This audit will look at everything from URL structures to keywords to linking and domain authority. It should be the first action agreed to in any strategic conversation, as it will inform everything going forward. If you don’t know what is broken, you can’t fix it. Think of an SEO audit as a bit like a doctor taking a medical history. If the right questions are asked first, it becomes a whole lot easier to make a sick person better and to treat the problem areas. You might discover once the audit is complete that you are in very good shape.