How to Write a Unique Essay on Marketing and Sales

An essay on marketing and sales can be challenging. Countless students and professionals have covered these topics, making it hard to say something fresh. You have to set yourself apart from everyone else writing on the same subject. This guide provides actionable tips to make your marketing and sales essay unique, insightful, and engaging. For students struggling with marketing essays, provides marketing assignment help UK by connecting them with qualified marketing experts who can assist with research, writing, and editing. Their team of professional writers ensures students receive high-quality work tailored to their needs.

time management boost productivityResearch Thoroughly

The key to a standout essay is deep knowledge of your subject matter. Don’t skim the surface—immerse yourself in thorough, multi-faceted research from diverse sources.

  • Read industry publications, blogs, books, case studies, and academic papers
  • Analyze examples of successful (and unsuccessful) marketing campaigns
  • Interview marketing and sales professionals to gain first-hand insights
  • Study data, statistics, and trends, but look beyond just the raw numbers

Gathering diverse perspectives allows you to combine ideas in novel ways and explore nuanced arguments instead of regurgitating generic advice.

Example: Let’s say you’re writing about social media marketing strategies. An obvious approach would be listing tactical tips like “post consistently” and “engage with your audience.” But that would make for an unoriginal essay.

Instead, dig deeper for a truly standout essay. Analyze why certain social media campaigns went viral while others flopped. Explore data behind ideal timing, audience engagement, and emotional resonance. Include contrasting insights from social media managers about their strategies and experimentation.

Consider Contrarian Views

Nothing makes an essay more distinctive than a well-supported contrarian stance. Challenge assumptions and conventional wisdom in your marketing and sales essay—but back it up.

For example, you could:

  • Argue that short-term consumer behavior data is overrated compared to psychological insights around deeper human motivations
  • Question whether viral marketing is overrated versus steadily building a loyal community
  • Contend that traditional cold calling is underrated in the age of inbound marketing

The key is using solid reasoning, data, and examples to substantiate contrarian views, not just stating them for shock value or being disagreeable. Thoughtful contrarian stances make people question their assumptions.

Here’s a comparison of different potential contrarian stances on email marketing best practices:

Conventional Wisdom

  • Send emails on Tuesdays
  • Keep emails brief
  • A/B test everything

Potential Contrarian Stance

  • Best days are Saturdays for engagement
  • Long-form nurturing emails convert better
  • Over-optimization can be counterproductive

Supporting Arguments

  • People have more leisure time on weekends to genuinely read emails without rushing
  • Allows for deeper storytelling, building trust, and showing expertise over time
  • Analysis paralysis, fatiguing subscribers with too many variations, missing bigger strategic picture

Add Personal Stories and Examples

One of the most reliable ways to make your essay uniquely compelling is through personal anecdotes and specific real-world examples. They illustrate abstract concepts in concrete, memorable ways and make you sound like an authority.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” – Steve Jobs

  • Discuss marketing or sales challenges you personally faced and how you overcame them
  • Don’t just state points—illustrate them vividly with stories and examples
  • Use specific real-world cases, not generalized hypotheticals

Example: Instead of just saying “Building an email list takes time and relentless consistency,” share your experience growing an email list from 100 to 10,000 subscribers over 2 years through content marketing and optimized lead magnets. Describe the specific steps, experimentation, and mindset shifts.

Study Great Essays

One of the best ways to write distinctively is by studying great example essays—across any subject—and emulating what makes them exceptional. Pay close attention to:

  • Structure and logical flow of ideas
  • How the author hooks the reader’s interest from the beginning
  • Seamless transitions between concepts
  • Strategic use of examples, stories, data, and evidence
  • Unique perspectives and novel ways of framing issues

Great essayists make you think differently about familiar topics. Reverse-engineer what makes their essays so captivating and persuasive.

Pull From Personal Experience

Purely research-driven essays without any personal experience often come across as dry, academic, and lacking credibility. Sprinkling in personal experiences adds color, authenticity, and nuanced insights that can’t be found in secondhand sources alone.

Practical Example: Let’s say you’re writing an essay on B2B sales strategies in today’s digital era. You could share experiences about:

  • Overcoming challenging sales objections with specific examples of your responses
  • Developing compelling sales pitches that resonated with buyers based on intensive listening
  • Building long-term client relationships through value-added outreach like sharing relevant content

Bringing the advice to life with first-hand examples positions you as a knowledgeable practitioner who has skin in the game, not just an observer. It elevates your essay’s credibility.

Final Thought

Writing a distinctive essay that stands apart from others on the same marketing and sales topics requires a mix of deep topic knowledge, a unique perspective, and an engaging narrative style. Don’t be afraid to thoughtfully challenge conventional thinking, as long as you back it up with solid reasoning and evidence.

Use personal stories, experiences, and real-world examples to illustrate key ideas in a vivid, concrete way—not just abstracted theories. Immerse yourself in thorough research from diverse sources, but synthesize insights and combine them in novel ways instead of summarizing existing information. With diligent work, your essay will offer a fresh perspective that rises above shallow regurgitations of marketing and sales advice. You can also explore examples and tiprs from a professional writer from a best essay writing service review.