How to Work with The Blogger
Community to Build Better Links

Blogger outreach is undoubtedly the most effective method for a result-driven link building strategy. Though it is an utterly time-consuming process, it surely gets the work done.

As we all know, links are indispensable for white-hat SEO, what can be better than collaborating with influencers to link to your website? You can also take some help from Outreach Solutions, the best blogger outreach agency.

But are you doing it correctly?

Make A List

The very first step should be to identify the bloggers within your niche. You need to list those that hold significant authority and have a sizable audience. You are seeking these influencers to leverage their fans and boost the traffic on your website.

You can search Google using your niche paired with key terms such as guest post, sponsored post, blogger collaboration and so on. Additionally, you can leave comments on blog posts by popular bloggers and swivel through the comments by other bloggers.

Blog Metrics

Once you have prepared a list of bloggers that relate to your industry or niche, you need to sort them on the basis of the quality of their blogs. This is essential since you are seeking backlinks and the blog metrics can affect your link profile.

For example, a service such as Outreach Monks sort blogs through a rigorous process. They analyze common metrics such as DA, TA, CF, TF, and alike to make sure that no PBN is outreached.

Make Contact

Now you’ve done your homework and know which influencers you want to reach. Now you need contact info. There are various lead generation tools that can help you find contact info for these influencer bloggers. Traackr, for example, will not only help you find your contacts but also find new and authoritative prospects to be outreached.

Grab Their Attention

When you reach out to bloggers, it is important that you stand out from the rest. They receive hundreds of emails every day pitching for blogger collaboration. The chances that they’ll notice you, are pretty slim in such a huge lot of prospects.

While you create your pitch, you should keep in mind that they are not just another blogger you are reaching out to. According to Ashley from OutreachMonks, when you curate your pitch, you should customize it to make the blogger feel special. Keep your pitch short and simple yet stating everything that you need their help with.

Maintain A Relationship

Once you start receiving a response from influencers, it becomes pretty easy to kindle a relationship with them. A friendly relationship would not only ensure reciprocity from influencers but also allow for more backlinks.

And, honestly, all you need is backlinks for your website. As simple as it can be put, backlinks bring in traffic and traffic converts into leads, generating more business opportunities.

These simple yet effective ways of blogger outreach will ensure that you run your marketing campaigns smoothly and achieve the desired results.