How to Utilize Social Media to Stay on Top of Summer’s Fashion Trends

How to Utilize Social Media to Stay on Top of Summer’s Fashion Trends

By Heather Taylor

Summer 2013 presents a little something for everyone as far as fashion trends go. From the runway as reported by Marie Claire UK, monochromatic is still in for those who favor black and white, while floral patterns take spring into summer from dresses to shorts. Elsewhere in the land of department stores, the Huffington Post encourages opting for pretty jeweled flats over stiff heels, a little black swimsuit as the beach equivalent of the little black dress, and aiming for overall chic comfort with scarves, statement bags, and adding some color from pastels to neon to any ensemble in general.

While the Internet offers a wealth of articles discussing what’s hot and what’s not for the on-the-go fashionista, there’s just no time to review each individual post, every day. Even worse is that we’ve got a sea of magazines plugging “must haves” without including photos of how said pieces look when they’re not photographed in great lighting or being worn by runway models. Even online window shopping is time-consuming in its own right (zooming in on images in hi-res, checking the right fit by website, trying to figure out shipping options, etc.) which means it’s up to social media to save the day and fill the closet. The next time you’re stuck on what to get, turn to these social media apps for some extra style advice.

When In Doubt, Instagram (or Tumblr) It Out

Embrace the selfie (noun: self taken photo uploaded to a social networking site, typically done with an iPhone) when it comes to shopping for summertime looks and take pictures of yourself in outfits BEFORE buying them. I like to solicit advice from Tumblr and Instagram on various clothing pieces I’m trying on that I’m unsure about buying just yet, and like to make sure that a fair share of both guys and girls alike are in on this purchasing process, offering up their own two cents. I trust the judgment of those I’m friends with on said sites when it comes to style, many of which I know IRL (in real life) just as much as online. This helps cut back on making any unnecessary impulse buys as well—who said you couldn’t keep to a shopping budget during the summertime anyway?

Make a Vine Video

Go a step further than an awkwardly shot iPhone photo and opt for Vine, an app that allows you to make a short (six second) looping video. One of my favorite sites utilizing the Vine to great lengths is Lucky Magazine, which tweets out various videos filmed with their Vine account. In one recent Vine vid, they filmed a pair of red Vans high tops. Rather than shoot the shoes still on a window display or on someone’s feet roaming the streets of New York, the six seconds are stop motion of the shoelaces slowly being tied up into bows. Clever and fun, it also places the focus completely on the shoes and doesn’t let anything else distract you from watching in the process.

“Honestly though? How Do I Really Look, Really?”

Sometimes the Internet can be too kind. It can also be cut down the middle or wishy washy in responses back. “Cute!” “Pretty!” “Marry me!” These are all nice adjectives and all, but what do I really look like? Why isn’t anyone writing a note that the pants should be hemmed shorter or that the cardigan fits me badly or maybe I shouldn’t be wearing a bright red bra through a see-through blouse? (Hold up, maybe that’s where the “marry me” comment came from…)

If you’re still in need of real advice on whether to opt for that sundress or not, sign up for Fashism and ask away. Fashism is simple enough to navigate—post a photo of your look, ask a question like “Does this work?” and advice will be given with reviewers clicking the “love it” or “hate it” buttons provided.

Fashism is not for the faint of heart. If you’re used to constantly getting likes on Facebook or hearts on Tumblr, you may be more than a little disconcerted when your ensemble gets a series of hate clicks. But there is also a comments section available for anyone who went with love it or hate it to further explain why they opted for that choice. Take the dislike, along with the praise, with a grain of salt though—ultimately you’re the one deciding on what to buy and while getting advice online is always an added plus, you’re not shopping to appease brands or bloggers that may be following you. You’re doing your summertime look for yourself, so purchase what goes along with your personal sense of style the best.

Heather Taylor is a social media manager for, freelance writer, and blogger who writes and muses on social networks, business, and fashion and the occasional combination of all three. She has had her written work published with Yahoo! Shine, Forbes, Social Media Today, BettyConfidential, HelloGiggles, The Huffington Post, and more. Contact her on Twitter @howveryheather or directly email

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