6 Ways To Use PR To Benefit Your SEO

PR is an incredibly valuable tool for any business and can be used to build and enhance reputations through media and social media. Using an agency such as Spink Healthcare Communications Agency can help you seek new and constructive ways to promote your business.

Spink Healthcare has created a guide on how to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) within healthcare brands, however, this can be applied across a variety of different industries.SEO is an essential tool to increase the reputation of your business and heighten your website’s ranking within search engines, such as Google. This, in turn, will allow an SEO consultant to drive more traffic to your site. Not only will this increase the traffic to your site, but it will also improve the quality of your traffic, ensuring you are visible to your target market.

SEO does not happen overnight; it is a long-term investment. But by following Spink Healthcare’s 6 Killer Ways PR Can Benefit Your SEO, you can begin the initial steps to boost your website’s search engine rank and enhance your visibility within these search engines.

1. Top Tier Backlinks

Having links back to your website from other domains is a great way to increase your rankings. Backlinks are what links one website with another, users are able to click these links and taken to the relevant page. A link from a third-party site is seen as a vote of confidence and an endorsement from a third party from the perspective of a search engine. This therefore carries more “SEO weight” and is a sure-fire way of increasing your opportunity to rank for a handful of keywords.

However, links back from low-quality websites are no longer effective. PR agencies such as Spink Healthcare and SEO agencies such as Session Media can help you obtain these backlinks from high-quality, editorial sites.

Gaining high-quality backlinks is one of the most effective ways to increase your ranking for your target keywords. However, it is not just down to the authority of these sites, your content must also be well-written and relevant to the audience and topic you are talking about.

2. Brand Association

Brand association is increasingly important for any brand within SEO. If you manage to get highly-visible media placements, the public will begin to associate your brand with an in-demand product or service.

Users’ search habits will then begin to change, for example, they may ‘Google’ ‘Brand + Product/Service’ such as ‘Vicks Cold and Flu Treatment”. Once users begin to associate your brand with a service or product, they generate searches that contain your brand and associated product. Google will then associate you with this too which will improve your rankings.

When a user searches a product or service you provide, without your brand name, you increase the likelihood of ranking higher than before. This will contribute to driving more traffic to your site and generating more revenue from customers who may have not previously have been aware of you.

3. 3rd Party Referral Traffic

It isn’t always possible to rank your company’s website for highly competitive keywords, especially if you have only just started your SEO journey.

Instead, use PR to get guest posts placed on an industry-specific website that has high authority that focuses on a particular product or service you provide. This website is more likely to rank highly for your targeted keyword and the specific topic, in turn, this will quickly bring substantial traffic through to your website.

By using Google trends or other similar providers, you will be able to track lists of rising terms. They can also suggest similar keywords that may be easier to rank for that are still relevant to your site.

4. Emerging Keywords

With every new product or service, new terminology can be generated. You can then use PR to spread awareness of this new vocabulary.

Having this new terminology spread throughout the media with the use of PR will enable people to begin associating your brand with these new terms.

Therefore, when users search these new keywords in Google, you have a greater chance of appearing at the top of the results due to there being no other demand for other websites trying to rank for it.

5. Previous PR Reclamation

For a quick backlink, use Google to search for other websites that have mentioned your brand or product but not placed a link back to you.

Reach out to these websites and ask for a backlink to the relevant page of your website. If the page mentions a specific author, you should reach out directly to them through email, social media or phone calls.

There are online tools such as Ahrefs can track mentions without links for your brand, which can make it easier for you to maintain a list of these sites.

You won’t always be successful in obtaining a link from every author as they may not have the authority to make such changes. However, you can build a relationship with them and when you are wanting to pitch a new campaign or guest post, you already have a relevant contact.

6. SEO Social Proof

SEO social proof builds credibility towards your company, instead of promoting your business, you are presenting what positive views other businesses think of it.

If you have been able to place your brand within high-authority sites, place their logos on your website. You will be perceived by visitors as having higher authority and engage them longer, this provides Google with a positive user signal.

Provide high-quality, unique content on your own site that visitors will take the time to read. Dwell time plays a role in modern-day SEO, this is the length of time a visitor spends on your page before returning back to search results.

Remember, when a Google user searches something, their aim is to solve a particular problem or achieve something, your aim is to find a good solution. Change the manner of your content, some users may be looking for a long read, while others want something they can quickly skim through. If you cater to as many needs as possible, while remaining relevant, you should satisfy more users.

If you provide interesting content, your visitors will spend more time on your site and pages, which will boost your Google ranking.

By following these 6 top tips, you can improve your company’s reputation while building authority and trust.

Your website will reach a larger target audience, which will drive more sales and revenue for your business.