How to Use Marketing to Attract Top Talent

How to Use Marketing to Attract Top Talent

Marketing is a great tool for convincing customers to buy your products and letting them know the amazing offers you have in store for them. So, why shouldn’t marketing also be used to convince the top talent to apply for jobs in your company? You can even utilize your marketing strategies to highlight the great working benefits your potential employees would be entitled to. There is so much you can do through marketing to attract only the best candidates for your business.

Advertise the Working Culture in Your Business 

Wellbeing and mental health are two of the most important factors that young workers today prioritize in their job search. They don’t want to grind for years and barely keep themselves together for a salary. They want to be happy where they work, which means employers need to do more for their employees than just expect hard work for money. They need to support their health and wellbeing, too.

Start improving your company culture and benefits, and you will be surprised by all the top talent that apply to your job listings. These will be people who have already put the work in for the salary and have found that it comes up short. They are now looking for a company that they can enjoy working for. Be that company, and you can hire the best.

Create A Positive Feedback Loop

Once you have marketed your business and your working culture, you can then use more innovative tools to find the perfect fit for your business. Hiring the right person for the job creates a positive feedback loop where their contributions further improve your working environment, and this will allow you to hire even better candidates in the future. When hiring, you do want to scrap the old ways of doing business, however, and use innovative tools like executive assessment methods and pre-employment testing to ensure you found the perfect fit.

Advertise Your Individual Company’s Expertise and Development 

Another trait that candidates are looking for is notoriety, both with your business and those who are working for you. Advertise your accomplishments and help your talented employees create their own platform so that you can attract top talent looking to work with you. Do this in magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and social media.

Cultivate a Professional Following 

You can do a lot with a social media profile. Growing your customer base is not the only goal. You can also showcase your team and their expertise. Prove to your customers and potential hires that not only are you a great brand, but you are a great business as well, and you may have offers coming your way from incredible employees before you know it.

Aim for Awards and Trust Signals That Appeal to Candidates 

Just as there are trust signals that customers use to determine whether to trust your business or not, there are similar trust signals that candidates will be looking for. Awards that showcase your working culture are great, and so too are awards for your business in your industry that prove you are innovative, driven and growing.