How To Score High Marks
Without Breaking a Sweat

So you’ve survived a school year, that too in a global pandemic – congratulations! As new sessions are about to begin all over the world, students are gearing up to return to their studies. Studying is never easy, even more so when there is so much uncertainty around the world. The mode of teaching is new as well as online classes get more and more common globally.

You can end up struggling to stay on top of your studies as the year progresses. Many students end up feeling overworked and overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork and assignments they have to do. However, you don’t have to be. There are strategies you can utilize to finish your year and not lose your mind. Let’s find out what they are!

Schedule Like Your Life Depends on It

Do you know how the best students in your class always know what to do? They schedule everything. A schedule is the safety jacket that helps you stay afloat whenever you run into troubled waters. Your schedule will have all your classes, hobbies, and extra-curricular activities accounted for.

A good schedule also includes time for non-academic activities, like clubs, meeting your friends, and gaps of time where you can relax and unwind as well. Without these, you might end up feeling overwhelmed and give up. A well-made schedule also tells you if you have the bandwidth to take up more classes or activities to boost your grades and resume.

Be Consistent

The hardest part of being an adult is doing the same things over and over again. However, this is the only way to keep your life moving and not have things pile up. In this regard, school is the same. If you want to keep progressing and not have mountains of homework on the weekend, you have to work throughout the week consistently.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take a day or two off sometimes. However, if you consistently take a day or two off, there will be no point in scheduling and planning. Instead, try and finish your homework the day it is given. Meet deadlines for assignments and don’t hope for extensions. You will end up becoming a much more productive and saner student than before.

Remember You’re Not Alone

Struggling with your studies can seem very isolating. You see everyone else coping just fine, and many students feel ashamed at not being good enough. However, everyone struggles with their studies sometimes. What you don’t see is the extra hours and extra help they get when they reach out.

Ask your friends to form a study group if you are consistently lagging in any subject. You can also reach out for help from reliable websites like HomeworkMarket if you are not comfortable or unable to help face-to-face. You can also ask your teachers for extra-credit assignments if it’s the end of the school year and your grades are not what you’d like them to be.


You might be wondering why exercising is in an article about how to study. However, exercise helps us in many ways that we don’t register. Do you know how you feel stressed at the end of every week? Exercising goes a long way in reducing that. Are you having trouble concentrating? If you exercised and meditated, you would have fewer problems focusing at school and home.

Incorporate some level of exercise into your routine at least thrice a week. It can be anything from a light stroll around the neighborhood to playing soccer or baseball with your friends. You can also pick up sports like martial arts, skateboarding, or even rock climbing if you have facilities in your area. Remember that exercise doesn’t have to be boring and fill up your schedule with fun activities.

Make a Study Corner

Did you know that you give your brain mixed signals about whether it is now time to study or time to sleep when you study in your bed? This can be why you feel so tired every time you try and study or get on with your homework after you get home from school. Instead, make a study corner in your room or dedicate a room in the house for studying.

Keep your space organized and neat; you don’t want clutter decreasing your productivity. Ensure everything you need is within arm’s reach, and you won’t need to search for hours to find what you look for. Keep a drawer full of snacks as well, along with water and other small beverages. This ensures you don’t leave the room except for bathroom breaks, allowing you to focus.