How To Provide Quality Customer Service Via Social Media

How To Provide Quality Customer Service Via Social Media

When it comes to providing quality customer service, you should never forget about social media. There are nearly three billion social media users across the globe, and many of them use their profiles to engage with businesses and brands. They like posts, tag their friends, and comment, and they also complain when things aren’t going well.

But how exactly do you provide great customer service via social media? After all, customer service can be a tricky business, and sometimes even the biggest brands get it wrong. Luckily we are here to help.

Here are four tips to help you provide quality customer service via social media.

Find Your Customers

Online customer complaints are on the rise – but it is important to be aware that different audiences use different platforms. For example, Instagram has more female users, YouTube has more male users, and around 80% of Twitter users are millennials. So take some time to work out which platform is most likely to attract your target audience, and then prioritize that platform. This means you are more likely to engage with the audience you actually want to engage with.

Link to Other Customer Support Options

Social media can be used as a customer service tool, but other options are more direct (such as phone or live chat). For this reason, we suggest linking to a virtual phone system through social media. This means customers can get a response within a few minutes, rather than having to wait around for you to check your Facebook business page.

You may be wondering, however, “what is a virtual phone system?” A virtual phone system is a cloud-based computing system that allows you to connect remotely with customers in a professional manner. This makes your business seem trustworthy and legitimate, so potential customers are more likely to engage with you.

Be Smart with Hashtags

If you use a platform with hashtags (such as Instagram or Twitter), it can be useful to do some research before scheduling posts. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of hashtags out there – but some hashtags are definitely more effective than others. You can work out which are most effective by looking online for hashtag lists that relate to your business (such as ‘bike selling hashtags’). This means it will be easier for potential customers to find your business online.

Prioritize Establishing A Customer Advocacy Group

Finally, it can be beneficial to establish a customer advocacy group. When people leave negative comments, don’t delete them or try to brush past them; instead, deal with the problem quickly and effectively, and be polite and friendly throughout the process. This excellent level of customer service will create a loyal, strong customer group that will positively promote your brand if/when someone tries to say something negative. This will make your brand seem more legitimate and trustworthy to users who find your brand online, so they are more likely to engage with your products and services.