How to Keep Your Social Media Followers Engaged

How to Keep Your Social Media Followers Engaged

Engagement is extremely important when it comes to social media. You want to be sure that you’re not just posting content and that your followers are being carried along. You may be wondering how you can engage your followers, and there are many answers to that question. To begin with, you have to understand what types of content they engage with on a daily basis. Aside from doing this, you should also ensure you take time out to see how your audience wants to be engaged and adjust your activities accordingly. Keep reading below if you want to see how you can keep your social media followers engaged.

Respond to Comments

This may seem very simple but responding to comments and messages is important if you want to engage your audience. When you respond to comments, it makes followers feel as though they’re part of a tribe and not just following a robot. It can be difficult, especially if you have thousands of followers, but doing so will help them feel appreciated. Sometimes, the best approach is to hire a social media manager or get an intern to help you respond to the comments that come in.

Hold Competitions

When trying to engage your social media audience, you should consider holding competitions. This is a proven way to grab people’s attention, but you’ve got to ensure you’re both innovative and creative about it. A great social media contest idea would be to ask a question that will spark a conversation and reward the best answer. Another idea is to get them to like, comment and share a specific post.

It’s also important that you focus on the right giveaways so that they’re memorable. A great example of a gift that they’ll remember is a custom magic 8 ball. This is an ideal gift because you can customize the answers as well as brand the gift with your logo.

Repost Content

Giving your followers the spotlight can also prove to be effective when it comes to engagement. This is because it’s a way of giving them recognition for being a loyal follower and a part of your community. If your social media page is business related, you can repost customer reviews as well as any positive social listening that you come across. You will notice that many brands are reposting user-generated content and it’s somewhat effective.

Share Relevant Information

If you happen to be sharing information that people don’t care about, you aren’t likely to get much engagement. For that reason, you’ve got to focus on sharing the information people want in order to see improved engagement. The information economy is one that can help establish brand credibility, so invest in quality content.

Consider Behind the Scenes

People typically want to see the human side of brands, so letting them into life behind the scenes can help improve engagement. Dedicate a few posts a week to giving them insight into what you do and what a day in your life is like. Try using your social media to do a takeover by one of your employees or an influencer. You can use a range of media types such as video or images as well as making use of a live stream.