How to Increase Customer Engagement Rates

Customer engagement is one of those important but frustratingly elusive business metrics. The term customer engagement refers to the extent to which a customer engages and therefore forms a relationship with your brand. This can impact the longevity of your customer relationships, your brand awareness, and your sales. Increasing customer engagement rates can seem like an impossible task to master, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and techniques, all businesses can improve customer engagement rates.

Consult Customer Data

The first step to actively increasing customer engagement rates is to consult customer data. Use tools like Google Analytics to find out more about who your customer is, how and where they spend their time online and what their preferences and priorities are. The more that you can find out about your customers at this stage, the more informed you will be, and therefore the better able you are to personalize other engagement techniques.

You should also look at all customer data that relates to your business website. Find out where customers are spending most of their time on your website, which pages they are engaging with, and the reason why they are leaving your site. This information will help you to create an enhanced on-site customer experience.

Create Video Content

Studies have found that videos are by far the most engaging form of content out there. In fact, one study found that consumers are 39% more likely to share, 36% more likely to comment, and 56% more likely to ‘like’ a video than they are a piece of text content. Creating video content for your website and social media platforms is a great way to increase your customer engagement rates.

Use the Right Social Media Advertisements

Using highly targeted, tailored social media advertisements is an effective method for increasing your customer engagement rates. By targeting your social media ads, you are also making sure that you are using your resources as wisely as possible, as you are not wasting ad spend on irrelevant customers. You should do research to make sure you are targeting the right customers on the right platforms, those your target audience most commonly use.

Improve Your Packaging

Offering custom packaging is another great way to improve your levels of customer engagement. This is because it can help you to distinguish your brand, win customers and build brand loyalty. When you are creating custom packaging, you should make sure that it remains cohesive with your brand image. Aim to make your packaging engage with all of a customers’ senses, so you are able to provide the very best experience possible.

You should also be mindful of the types of materials that you are using in your packaging. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability so providing sustainable packaging is sure to pay off.

Personalize Customer Services

Personalizing customer service is another great way to increase your customer engagement rates. In fact, sending customer service emails that have the client name in the subject line makes it 20% more likely that a customer will open the email. You can use email marketing and CRM software to help you to increase the level of personalizing offered by your customer service teams.