How To Include A CTA In Your Daily Emails

How To Include A CTA In Your Daily Emails

In order to promote and advertise your product, service or any other thing, you can send emails to your target audience to tell them about the product and offers inside. Moreover, you can customize the email to your needs. Beyond that, email was and still remains to be the best marketing policy because it is effective, easy to use, fast and does not require a high knowledge of technology.

how to use a call to action cta

But there are certain parts of the email which might be difficult to understand like using an email signature, inserting videos, and CTAs (call-to-action). For example, one of the most important tools used by marketers is the CTA button like “Sign in” or “Register here”. Pressing one of these buttons takes the recipient directly to the “sign up” page or the linked web page.

This makes it easy for the recipient to see the promoting product and for the email marketer to get a subscriber. Sometimes, putting these CTA buttons can be a tedious task because of its technology. Therefore, this article will give you some information which is easy to understand, based on how and where to put the CTA in your daily emails.

Why is a CTA important?

Before we jump into how to put in the CTA button or link, let’s quickly look through the following points which tell us the importance of a call-to-action and how it is helping both the marketer and the email recipient.

  • A proper CTA button can drive the audience in the right direction and improve numbers when the subscription list is considered.
  • As already written before, by clicking on the CTA button/link the recipient can directly reach the desired web page without the need of searching through the unending saga of pages.
  • The CTA button is meant to improve conversion rates. For example, an email from an online marketing website would put a CTA to make the audience sign up for their website, add to cart or buy. And yes, a CTA will help you to achieve the desired goal with which you sent the email.

How to Add the CTA Button or Link

The CTAs do the basic function that the email was meant for. You may have done everything right in the email like catchy subject, appropriate content and high quality images, but if your CTA is not appealing enough or has a bad quality, or you don’t know how to put it in, then you cannot fulfill your objectives.

Therefore, we have listed the following points which will help you understand the process and other characteristics of including a CTA button.

  • As difficult as it seems, adding a CTA button/link into an email is actually quite easy. You must go to the email content editor and insert an image or text, followed by the call-to-action.
  • Appealing – You can make your CTA button attract the eyes of the email reader by concentrating on a color which should be different than the background of the email. The size of which should be large enough with white space around the CTA.
  • Special Designs – You can add some special designs to make them pop out from the rest of the text like a shadow, 3D effect or color gradient.
  • The Triad – This triad consists first of the text in the CTA box and must be relevant and inform exactly what you want. Second, design is quite important as mentioned above. And the last one is placement which depends on the service. If its something simple and does not require much reading, then it can be placed at the top, but if it’s complex and requires the text in the email to be read, then put it at the end.

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