How To Improve Your Content’s Chances Of Going Viral 

How To Improve Your Content’s
Chances Of Going Viral 

Content and social media marketing has evolved over the years thanks to the growth in technology and the rise of innovative new social media platforms.

Another phenomenon that has helped to boost many brands’ authority and recognition is going viral; the process of creating content that becomes a part of the collective conscious and is so popular that it gets posted on a variety of different platforms.

Viral content can be anything from videos to photos, graphics to slogans. Whatever the content, getting it viral will benefit your brand in a variety of ways, including growing your site’s SEO and helping you to boost brand recognition.

Getting your content to reach and resonate with so many different individuals naturally is a challenge, but here are some tips to help you improve your chances.

Find Out What Your Audience Wants

One of the most valuable points on this list is to understand what your audience is looking for, so that you can try and adapt your content to deliver it. Check out the current viral trends and look out for trends and similarities, so that you can emulate them in your content. You also need to create relevant customer and audience profiles, so that you can work out who you are targeting and understand the types of content that they are interested in.

Adapt Around Current Trends

Much like any of your business strategies, your PR and content plans need to be flexible to allow you to adapt around new developments in your market and society. Your content needs to be in-line with the latest trends and the current mood. Anything from small deviations from the norm in your market, through to major challenges such as the Coronavirus pandemic, will influence the way that the PR market works. You should check out this article on the PR mindset to find expert tips on how you can adapt your content to the current situation.

Collaborate with Professional Content Creators 

When you see viral content from other brands, you’ll notice that no matter what the topic, the one thing it all has in common is that it’s high-quality. Poorly shot videos, shaky camera footage and blurry photos won’t go viral- and if they do, it’ll be for the wrong reasons. If you want your brand to go viral for producing engaging, interesting content, then you need to work with experienced content creators. Look for designers, videographers, photographers and copywriters who have experience in creating quality content that gets engagement on social media. If they have experience running viral campaigns, then they will make a great addition to your team. Listen to them and use their experience to drive your content strategy forward.

Post Regular Content 

Viral content isn’t created in isolation; it takes a lot of build-up and a regular content strategy to achieve the acclaim you’re seeking. Create a social media schedule so that your accounts are always populated with engaging content. You should also have a marketing team monitoring your accounts so that they can respond to enquiries and action any important messages. By posting regularly and working on a practical social media plan you can grow your following, which will increase your chances of your content being shared and eventually going viral.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Getting noticed by the internet and becoming a viral sensation won’t happen after just one or two posts. As mentioned above, it’s vital that you keep posting regularly even if you don’t go viral, and that you keep using your social media account to inform and inspire your followers and potential customers. Over time, your account will grow, and your content will get noticed by more people, boosting your chances of entering the public conscious and achieving your aim of going viral.