How To Get Better Results On YouTube 

The thing about most people trying to get good results on YouTube is that they try to make their videos viral. But this is problematic in several ways.

A viral video is something that creates an identity for itself and does very little to promote the brand. If you want to fully utilize the marketing opportunities offered by YouTube, you need to build your channel with the aim of creating a brand personality.

Basically, you need to inform your audience about your brand, while creating content that does not end up being monotonous. This way, you can build a dedicated audience base that you can depend on to get you conversions.

YouTube is available in more than 91 countries worldwide and has around 1.9 billion people logging in on a monthly basis. This makes it an excellent place to promote your brand through engaging content your users can relate to.

Here are a few ways you can achieve better results on this platform.

Look for Video Keywords

When it comes to keywords, YouTube is not the same as your regular search engine. You’ll come across many videos with titles beginning with “top 10”, “how-to”, etc.

You can use Google to search for various keywords related to your content and see if any videos appear in the results. You can use several online tools to sort keywords based on search difficulty, paid difficulty, cost per click, and volume.

Generally, you should select keywords that have a few hundred searches per month at the very least. Even if you get a small list of keywords, you can concentrate on including those in your titles and descriptions to get more YouTube views and engagement.

Customize Your Thumbnails

The thumbnail forms the face of a video and as such it must attract viewers and entice them to view your content. Don’t go for automatic thumbnails and make them attractive so that viewers are more likely to click on them.

The thumbnail should give the users a glimpse of what your content is about. Try to keep the resolution as 1280 x 720 and the aspect ratio as 16:9.

Alternate the Layouts for Your Playlists

It is a wise decision to include multiple playlists on your channel, but there is another way you can encourage more people to view your content. It is a simple manner of alternating horizontal and vertical playlist layouts.

When you use the same layout for every playlist, they all look the same and may seem monotonous or dull to the average viewer. Customize your channel and use alternating vertical lists and horizontal rows for your playlists. This is an easy and efficient way to enhance user engagement.

Create a Relationship with Your Viewers

Engagement on YouTube is growing steadily and the best way to build relationships is through audience engagement. The final objective is to get more views in a sustainable, organic, and realistic manner.

When you interact with other viewers on the platform, it enhances the likelihood of them caring about your brand. This might also lead them to join your subscriber list and watch more of your content.

You can do the following things to interact with your audience:

  • Reply to their comments on your videos.
  • Create a contest where you ask them to subscribe to your channel or watch your videos.
  • React to content from other creators.
  • Promote content from other people after taking their permission.

Form Partnerships

If you are a content creator, the first step to getting good results on your channel is to increase the number of views on your videos. For this purpose, you can form partnerships with creators making similar content like yours.

The partners you choose should share your values and you must be on friendly terms with them. People should see from your collaborations that you guys are having a fun time together.

You can do crossover videos with your partner and go live on each other’s channels. Moreover, you can make a playlist out of all the videos you did together so that viewers can enjoy all of them in one place.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips that will help you grow your YouTube channel and get better results in terms of engagement and views without having to buy subscribers or views. Remember, your content should provide some value to the ones who are viewing it. It could be something entertaining or educational because when you consistently provide valuable content, viewers will keep returning to your channel to check out more of your videos.