How to Find a Reliable Resume Service

Resume writing can be confusing even for experienced professionals. You need to accurately describe your accomplishments, and career history, and include relevant keywords to be noticed and shortlisted. On the flip side, even minor errors can turn off the hiring managers as the competition is intense. 77% of hiring managers can reject a resume if it contains errors. For this and many other reasons, many job-seekers prefer hiring a resume writer to prepare their documents and increase their interview chances.

When looking for CV or resume writing services, it is best to consider a resume service near you. A resume company at the link has experienced writers located in the US, Canada and beyond, so you can get the help of local writers. Writers based in your state understand local resume requirements and the application process in detail. Therefore, they can prepare a resume that will draw the attention of the top companies in your industry.

Choosing Resume Service

Years ago, many resume companies had physical offices where you could go and get a consultation from a resume expert. Today, most resume companies have moved online. It is possible to get an initial consultation on the phone, order your resume and get it delivered to you online.

Simply put, you don’t have to look for a resume company in your area, as you can get help from the top professionals in your country online. It is important, though, to choose a writer who has experience with resumes in your state and industry. Below, you’ll find simple tips to choose a resume writing service that will provide the best quality for your money.

Set Reasonable Expectations

An experienced resume writer can organize your work history into a holistic story and highlight the accomplishments and skills relevant to your target job. They can also rework the formatting and structure depending on your career history and add high-value keywords to help you pass the ATS screening. As a result of these actions, you will get more interview calls and feedback from employers.

However, no resume writing service can guarantee you an interview or a job. The writer has no control over the hiring process; therefore, such promises cannot be fulfilled. If a resume company promises you this, they are most likely a scam.

Check The Company’s Online Presence

Do not hurry to pay for a resume service because they make loud promises. Check their website and online presence in general. It is better to choose a company with at least 3-5 years on the market. Pay attention to client testimonials on the site, the services offered and guarantees. Look for customer reviews about the company on third-party websites like TrustPilot.

Pay attention to customer service as well. Reliable companies have a phone number or a live chat available 24/7 so you could contact them anytime if you have any questions and concerns. If the support staff doesn’t sound friendly or cannot answer your questions, this is a warning sign.

Choose w Resume Company with Reasonable Fees

When it comes to prices, there are resume services for any budget, starting from low-end companies charging $50 for a resume to high-end executive services with a $1,000+ price tag. Unless you are in a managerial position with a six-figure income, no need to choose an expensive resume service. On the flip side, it’s better not to choose a suspiciously cheap service as the quality is likely to be substandard.

Consider companies that charge between $150 and $300 per resume. At this price, you can receive a good custom resume tailored for your target job posting. You can pay extra for a cover letter, LinkedIn profile development and the additional services.

Clarify the Process and Cost

Ask the company about their process and make sure it is convenient for you. For example, some agencies will collect information about you on the phone, while the others will ask you to complete a questionnaire or send an old resume. Another important factor is working with the writer directly – not every company allows this, so make it clear in advance.

Deadlines for resume writing can vary from 24 hours to a week and even more. In most cases, urgent delivery is available at the extra pay. Ask the writer how long it will take to compose a resume, how many rounds of revisions they make, and whether you should pay upfront or in installments.

Ask About the Writer’s Qualifications

A writer’s education and skills are important considerations since the quality of your resume will depend on them. Ideally, look for a writer with a resume writing certification (such as CPRW, NCRW or the other) or at least a year of experience in your industry. A college degree isn’t a must but will be a plus.

Alternatively, you can ask the company to provide samples of resumes completed for previous clients. In this way, you can evaluate the content, layout, how accomplishments are presented and will understand what type of document you can expect from this resume service.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Browsing online reviews can be helpful, but it is better to ask people you know for advice. Reach out to your peers, friends, or coworkers and ask if they can recommend a resume expert. You will receive an honest first-hand opinion and will be able to choose a reliable company. With today’s remote communication and collaboration tools, you can find a resume expert across the country and find a service that perfectly matches your budget and requirements.