How To Enhance The Marketing
Campaign For Your Business

Marketing your business isn’t too difficult a task if you know what you are doing. All you need to do is work out who your target demographic is and find an appropriate platform to tell them what it is that you provide.

There is a wide variety of methods that you can use to get your businesses message across, but the audience has become wise to some of these techniques. This article seeks to help you get around these issues, and also provide you with ways to enhance your marketing campaign.

What Are the Most Common Advertising Techniques?

Marketing has always been a part of providing good business. If your customers aren’t aware of what it is that you provide, then they will not buy from you. It’s that simple.

The tried-and-true marketing platforms have always included radio, T.V ads and posters. This is because a large section of the audience will encounter at least one of these forms of media during their day. Therefore, these mediums present the perfect tool to reach a large audience at one time.

However, technology has moved on in recent years which means that the general public has diverted its attention elsewhere. They still watch T.V and listen to the radio, but they also have access to the internet.

Nowadays, it is perfectly normal for a person to spend a significant portion of their time online, and that is mostly spent on a variety of social media sites. This means that a lot of businesses choose to put their advertisements in the digital space. Even so, technology has advanced even further in the last number of years to make the job of marketing your business easier.

You can still use all of the marketing techniques above, but there are now some more solutions that you can try.

Viral Marketing

Word of mouth was always a reliable way to spread the news about your business. With viral marketing, the aim is to recreate this effect in a digital space.

For example, a person that uses social media has the ability to share a video or a post to other platforms if they deem it funny or interesting. The people using another platform can then see this shared piece of media and share it again, and the process repeats until a large section of the population is aware of this media. It then becomes a phenomenon, creating enough interest for more people to seek out the piece of media that everyone is talking about. This process is called going viral.

Viral marketing seeks to recreate this effect but with an advertisement. Your business needs to create an ad that is funny, quirky or subversive enough so that social media users deem it interesting enough to share. This ad then goes viral, causing more people to check out your marketing.

It isn’t easy to recreate on a whim. Viral marketing relies heavily on your ability to keep up with current trends.

Behavior Targeting

Another way to enhance your marketing techniques is by learning more about where best to target your key demographic.

Everyone has a digital footprint when they use the internet. This footprint details your most visited websites, as well as your purchase history and most common web searches. As a business, you can use this information to create an accurate profile of your customers. Doing so will provide you with details about the best place to put your marketing to target this type of person.

Behavioural targeting also helps you to avoid the parts of the web that your target audience does not use, preventing you from wasting time and money on obsolete marketing.

Zip Code Targeting

Not everyone is online all of the time, and sometimes you are better off marketing to people right on their doorstep. Fortunately, that is exactly what zip code targeting allows you to do.

Instead of looking at a digital footprint, zip code targeting uses geographical information to target your key audience. You can do this via a mobile app, or with old fashioned methods.

A person’s smartphone comes with a location tracker that will upload a zip code address to the web. You can use this information to target them with your marketing based on where they are. If they are looking for somewhere to eat, you can place an ad for your nearby restaurant on a social media post. If they are near your clothing store, you can advertise this on a YouTube video when they watch it in that area.

Basically, you can use zip code targeting to herd your audience toward your products via the media that they consume. Failing that, you can always send marketing leaflets to their address with this same information.

Audio Advertising

You may already be familiar with audio marketing on the radio, but times have changed. The general population is now more interested in podcasting apps and music streaming services, rather than the old-fashioned car radio.

There’s no need to worry, though. You can now create audio ads that can be placed in these types of media. The audio marketing method allows you to enhance your advertising strategy by supplementing your core materials with the same message on another platform.

Listening to music or a podcast on a smart device involves a lot more concentration from the user. Therefore, you can place a n advert here where the audience is paying most attention.

Furthermore, this type of marketing is quite cost-effective, which means that you can get a lot of exposure for very little. A perfect marketing method for those just starting out in business.


At the end of the day, you know exactly what message you want your business to get across to your intended audience. There are plenty of successful marketing methods that have worked in the past and so there is a good chance that they will work for you. However, if you find yourself struggling to make an impression, all the methods in this article can help enhance your marketing campaign and stop you from falling behind.