How To Encourage Staff To Conserve Energy

As a business owner, you may be thinking about the many ways that you can start conserving energy every day in the workplace. After all, by conserving more energy, you’d dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on your utility bill, and you’d also be doing something wonderful for the environment.


In order to be successful however, you need to get your entire staff involved, and this could be a challenge. How can you encourage your employees to conserve energy in the office? Keep reading for a few tips.

Make It A Game Or A Competition

When people are at work, they aren’t really thinking too much about the steps they should be taking to reduce their energy consumption. This is typically because they don’t have to pay the bill at the end of the month. But if you can provide your employees with incentives by making energy conservation in your workplace a sort of game or competition, you may be able to get some great results.

Set goals that your staff can work on achieving, and then provide either tangible rewards or simple recognition on a scoreboard for those employees who do the best job of implementing the changes and achieving the goals.

Have Every Employee Do Just One Thing

Imagine the big difference that could be made if every one of your employees actively worked on achieving just one energy saving goal every day. This could prove to your staff just how valuable their actions are, and just how much of a difference they can make when their efforts culminate.

You can assign one method that each employee could do to conserve energy, or you can give every employee the power to choose for themselves. For example, one employee may decide to shut down his computer completely at the end of the day, along with any other equipment in his office, rather than just putting it into sleep mode. Another may decide that she’ll no longer print out paper documents unless absolutely necessary.

Keep track of all of your employees’ efforts and recognize what they’re doing. When they see each other working hard at conserving energy, they’ll motivate each another.

Get Your Energy At The Lowest Price

No matter what you and your staff do to reduce the amount of energy you consume in the workplace on a daily basis, you can do more and save greater amounts of money on your energy bill. One of the biggest steps you can take is simply researching local energy providers for business energy deals and finding out who can give you the power that you need at the lowest price. Click here to learn about one great provider and to see what you can save.

With the tips above, you can get your entire staff involved in lowering your business’s energy bills. By conserving more energy, you’ll become an eco-friendly company that’s able to operate in a more sustainable manner for the benefit of the environment, as well as your wallet.