How To Create Engaging Social Media Campaigns

How To Create Engaging Social Media Campaigns

With over 2 billion users on social media, businesses have quickly realized the huge potential of leveraging social media platforms to grow their brands. When planning to go down this route, it’s important to know the objectives you wish to achieve before getting started.Social media campaigns for B2B are different from social media for personal branding. While the former might require smaller resources and comparatively less effort, this type of campaign will definitely require more resources and therefore, more work.

One major advantage of social media that brands have come to fancy the most is the virality with which content is passed across. Information can easily be distributed from one corner of the world to another in seconds.

In this post, we have briefly discussed the best way to create engaging campaigns for brands.

Identify the Goal of Your Social Media Campaign

Knowing the objective of your social media campaign is important in making it a success. The goal could be to increase brand awareness, get more clicks on a link, get more followers for the brand, or drive more sales of their products or services. When the goal is known, structuring the campaign strategy becomes easier and has a higher chance of success.

Identify Your Competition

When getting started with social media campaigns for B2B brands, it’s crucial to know the competition and what they’re up to. If they’re successful at their campaigns, it might be time to copy some of the things they do best then improve on their shortcomings. Doing this will make your campaigns unique to your brand’s message and make them more efficient.

Decide on The Ad Format Your Social Media Campaigns Will Use

Social media campaigns come in different formats and on different platforms. Your campaigns must follow certain formats for best results. It could be in the form of videos, photos, GIFs or audio files, etc. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger have formats like Carousel, Collection and Stories.

Whatever format your business decides on, it should be one that fits your message. For instance, a graphic design brand will do better with stunning, visually-appealing images than livestreaming talk shows.

Stick to Your Brand’s Message

When creating a campaign, stick to your brand’s message for uniformity. You don’t want your audience to confuse your business with another service. A brand’s message ties in closely with their objectives and should reflect in the social media campaign too.

Promote Your Content as Much as Possible

Now is the time to get your content out there in their various formats. Hire content marketers to post your content, share and push engagement on social media. High quality images, videos and live streaming are super-effective in this regard and should be put to good use.

Consider using a combination of stories and videos, both recorded and live-streamed. Most businesses get more engagement and get their sales of their services with video social media campaigns.

Engage Your Audience and Use A Unique Hashtag for Your Social Media Campaigns

When you engage your audience on your social media campaign, it gives it a personal touch and even improves the user experience. Businesses that follow this approach are known to have a better customer feedback system which is necessary to consistently deliver better services.

Almost all major social media campaigns come with a hashtag. When creating a social media campaign your brand, a hashtag increases visibility by making it easier for your target audience to find them with that hashtag.

Include A Call-To-Action in Your Campaigns

Most social media campaigns have an objective they are meant to achieve.  With a call-to-action in place in the ads, the audience knows exactly what action is expected of them when they came across the social media campaign.

Call-to-action phrases should be clear, direct and precise in telling the audience what action to take. This way, achieving a social media campaign’s objectives is more likely. Use shorter text, bright colors and eye-catching fonts for call-to-action elements.

With these 7 tips, creating engaging social media campaign for your business brands should be a walk in the park. Are you ready to get started?  These steps will get you going in the right direction!