How To Create Buzz About Your Brand

How To Create Buzz About Your Brand

As you work to finish up your online MBA program and prepare to enter the workforce, it’s always a good idea to brush up on issues and trends happening in today’s marketplace. Even if you think these aren’t the issues that will affect you in your career, you’d be amazed at how much this “added knowledge” can help you down the road. Graduates with an online MBA degree have all kinds of paths and avenues that are open to them, which is all the more reason to brush up on these current events and trends.

One issue that is facing companies of all sizes and in all industries has to do with creating buzz. With the absolute explosion in social networks over the last few years, creating buzz has never been more important. Even if your future career goal is a management position where it likely won’t be your responsibility to be the one creating the buzz, it’s still very helpful to have the background knowledge so you can lead a team effectively. So how do you go about creating this buzz? Well, there are a few different ways:

You Need A Catchy Hook

One of the best ways to create buzz is to come up with a hook. A hook is something that is simple, short, and incredibly catchy. Companies do this through jingles, a slogan, highlighting a unique benefit of the company, etc. It is meant to be something that sets your company apart from the competition. The goal, of course, is to have this hook picked up by others so it starts to trend.

Build Anticipation With Teasers

Movies are notorious for using this technique to create buzz. A teaser is meant to give the public a snippet of what’s to come. You want to build anticipation, get people talking, and have them asking questions. This technique doesn’t need to be reserved for big announcements only; it can be used for anything. Teasers typically are used one to two weeks before the full announcement is made.

Team Up With Influencers

Today, influencers are an incredible driving force when it comes to creating buzz and trends. This is an excellent way to get your company noticed. Just make sure that when you pick an influencer to team up with, it’s one that represents your industry and has a solid following. This influencer will basically be marketing your company and products to their followers, so you want to think it through.

Make Use of a Wait List

While this may not seem like a way a company or brand can create buzz, you’d be amazed at just how much power a wait list has. Again, it’s about creating anticipation. It gets people talking, and people feel like it must be something exciting and special if others are willing to wait on a list for it. It creates that sense of exclusivity.

Extra Skills and Knowledge Will Help You To Succeed

Taking the time to go above and beyond your school studies is what will ultimately help you to succeed in your future career. This added knowledge will also make you feel much more comfortable and valuable in the workplace.