How to Create an Investor Pitch Deck

You need exact methods to raise millions of dollars. One of them is creating a killer investor pitch deck that will amaze potential investors. Pitch deck design must be bright, concise, and thoughtful. It should be easy to understand and never boring. It has to answer all potential questions of your audience and capture their attention. One thing left – how to make an investor pitch deck that sells?

In this guide, we will give you a 6-step plan on how to build an amazing pitch deck. A proper mindset is an integral part of a winning angel pitch deck, so we will focus on this presentation constituent as well.

1. Win the First 30 Seconds

A lot of people have a great story to tell when they start a pitch, but they make the mistake of building it up over a long time. You cannot do that because you must go straight to the point to win them. If you lose them at this stage, you may lose them for good. They may never come back and listen to your pitch, so make sure the first slides and 30 seconds pitch inspire them to invest in.

  • Tell a story about the problem and the suggested solution
  • Tell how massively big this change can be (mention industry worth)
  • Set the stage for the investors to get interested in the rest of the pitch

2. Present the Problem and Solution

These form the premise of any startup, but it rarely gets enough attention in a pitch. Your investor has to understand what you’re doing and get faith in that. You should explain the problem thoroughly, show the solutions that don’t solve the problem and present your effective solution (that sells your innovation). Use diagrams, charts, icons to draw an effective investor pitch deck ppt.

  • If you’re at an early stage, show them mock-ups
  • If you build something, BE VISUAL and show what it looks like (screenshots, live demos)

3. Make Sure You’re Investible

Every slide in your investor pitch deck structure has to display and inspire with a desire to put their money in. You must THINK BIG, be scalable (sell again and again like software or game), and ensure them in future profits. Your idea has to be a great investment with a lot of upsides. Using your slides, shows diagrams with statistics, expected numbers, and industry net worth.

4. Make Sure You Cover Everything

If you forget something, the investor will most likely ask about it. So, check out this investor pitch deck content checklist:

  • Motivation
  • Problem
  • Solution/Product
  • Traction
  • Market
  • Business Model/Revenue
  • Fundraising plan and objectives

5. Understand the Psychology of a Pitch

You might have probably heard about the FOMO phenomenon – fear of missing out. This small word will determine whether your investment will go big and invest now. Investors look at multiple companies but invest in those that recall in them a sense of urgency to invest right now. Your task is to create a feeling of FOMO = get investment.

[Pro Tip]: do not be desperate, do not flatter investors, do not look like their money is your only option, do LOOK UNIQUE startup that everyone wants. Show statistics that blow up and will lead/create trends.

6. Use Simple Slides

You are not a designer, and it is always better to delegate it to a professional agency. If you decide to shape everything by yourself, remain simple but efficient. Whatever you consider great and fancy design, might not be amazing for a business audience.

1. Keep it simple

  • Little text on each slide
  • Max. 3-5 bullets
  • Avoid videos

2. Keep it consistent

  • Stay with the same colors
  • Stay with the one font in 1 or 2 font sizes

3. Keep it clean

  • Big font
  • Easy to read
  • No text on pictures
  • Plenty of contrast between text and background

That’s it for today! And remember, money is just money. There are a lot of investors. And there is only one unique you.