How to Create a Social Media Value Proposition

How to Create a Social Media Value Proposition

A strong value proposition is vital to any business, but it is especially essential when building your social media presence. When people visit your website, they are usually actively looking for your products and services. You still only have about 15 seconds to convince them to stick around. When your ads or posts show up in someone’s feed, they can scroll right past if you do not grab their attention immediately. You have a couple of seconds or less, to convince them to stick around.

A powerful value proposition example will inspire you in getting started, but keep reading to learn exactly how to create an awesome social media value proposition.

Elements of a Good Value Proposition

A good value proposition combines the major points of your brand and boils them down into a clear, concise message that viewers can quickly and easily understand. Everyone who sees your value proposition should feel as though they know your brand at a glance.

What Do You Offer?

This is the first thing potential customers need to know, and it must be crystal clear. If they have to think about what it is your brand sells or what service you provide, their interest will be gone before you ever have a chance.

How Will Your Products or Service Benefit Your Customer?

Even if it is obvious how your customers will benefit from using your product, you still need to be explicit about how it will change their lives. Connect the dots for your audience, so they can see how easy your brand will make solving their problem.

For example, let’s say you sell toothpaste. Everyone knows that using toothpaste will prevent cavities and freshen your breath. Remind customers that using toothpaste will brighten their smile and make people want to get closer to them.

Why Should Customers Use You and Not the Competitor?

Your competitor also sells toothpaste. Why should customers buy your brand? Even if you offer products or services people are not already using, so there is no question of switching, you need to tell customers you offer something that other brands do not. Maybe your brand is less expensive, or higher-quality. Whatever it is that makes you stand out, your value proposition needs to make it clear.

How Value Propositions Differ on Social Media

A value proposition on social media is different from a value proposition on your website because you have less time to get your message across. Use fewer words and more imagery in order to attract a user’s attention.

Keep it Fresh

You can and should keep your value proposition fresh on social media. People visiting your website expect to see the same thing each time. But on social media, keep your content fresh in order to hold your audience’s interest. Find a way to maintain your message and aesthetic, while keeping things relevant.


You also have the option of communicating your value proposition through video on most social media sites. They usually show up on a feed automatically playing, but on mute. So you need to make sure users can understand what is happening in your video even if they can’t hear it. This is an excellent opportunity to let your brand shine, through text, photos, and moving images.

How to Make Your Value Proposition

Creating even one value proposition can be a daunting task. It may seem like an even bigger load when you are thinking about creating multiple value propositions while staying consistent to your brand. There are some basic concepts you can keep in mind, to help simplify your process.

Mission and Vision Statements

When you first started your business, you likely developed mission and vision statements. The mission statement outlined what your business would provide your customers, and how your business would provide it. Your vision statement outlined where you would like your business to be in the future, or what you would like the results of successfully providing your service to be.

Core Values

Your core values are the beliefs and principles that guide what you do and how you do it. For example, if honesty is the most important thing to you, then you may focus on transparency for your business. If the ecosystem is your priority, you may strive to provide eco-friendly products.

Who Are Your Customers?

Who are the people you serve, and what do they want? When you know the preferences of your customers, it is much easier to know how to communicate with them.

Who Are Your Competitors?

What do your competitors do better than you? What do you do better than them? Knowing this will help determine how you stand out, and what differentiates your products and services from that of your competitors.

Your Brand

Putting all of this information together will aid in developing a solid idea of your brand. When you know your brand inside and out, it is much easier to create multiple value propositions and stay on target to increase social media attention. When you design a relevant brand presence by creating consistent, regular, and straightforward value propositions, you boost awareness of your brand. Do this and watch your sales soar.