How To Choose a
Memorable Brand Name

You want your startup business to be memorable. After all, that’s how you’ll gain customers and interested investors. Naturally, the products or services you provide are the biggest components of achieving your goals, but the branding you decide on is important as well. This is especially true of your brand name. You need something that’s easy to remember but describes what your company does as well. Use these ideas to help you choose a name that fits your needs.

Choose an Expandable Name

Choose a name that can grow with your business. Consider Amazon. Originally, the website was only made for online books, but now it sells nearly everything. If he’d chosen a book-specific company name, his current merchandise would have seemed out of place. Avoid using specific product names or cities to ensure your company’s brand can grow as you add new products or services. If you are having trouble thinking outside of the box, consider trying a brand name generator like the one provided by Namify. The website specializes in helping to create unique brand names that are expandable along with your products and services as you grow your company.

Add Personality to the Brand

Unless your audience is extremely professional, it’s probably a good idea to avoid anything too sophisticated. Doing so may negatively impact your potential client base. Instead, consider adding some of your own personality to make your brand name more distinctive. This can be done via the way the name sounds or looks. Intentional misspelling, adding punctuation (think Yahoo!), abbreviations, and even international languages have all proven to be successful methods for creating long-lasting, memorable brand names. Consider what you’re selling and run key terms through translators or simply write down as many words as you can and think of misspellings or other ways to make them unique. Remember, brainstorming is the best option. Namify is another excellent way to find ways to add personality, as it provides more than 1,000 names for you to choose or brainstorm from.

Use Easy-To-Remember Words or Phrases

The longer your company’s name is, the harder it will be for clients or investors to remember. Namify helps you build a brand name that is just the right length to meet your needs. The shorter the name, the more memorable it is and the easier it will be to brand as a website and social media presence. Clear, descriptive wording is the best way to go.

Make Sure the Name Is Usable

Once you have a shortlist of brand name ideas, you’ll need to determine if they’re usable. Use Google to search for it and determine if it is already in use elsewhere. If you find a lot of results, you’ll definitely want to choose a new name. If there are few results, you may still be able to use the one you choose, but it should still give you pause. The best results come from truly unique brand names. After Google, search Secretary of State records to ensure nobody already has a similar business name listed as a corporation or limited liability corporation. If you find similar names, you’ll either need to make a complete change or talk to a corporate lawyer for help.

Whether you’re selling women’s fashion or technical products, your business needs a name that stands out. Use these tips to help you come up with ideas or get help from a reputable name generator like Namify. As an added bonus, the generator provides you with logo ideas and more.