How Strong Writing Skills Can Benefit Your Career

How Strong Writing Skills Can Benefit Your Career

Looking for a new job? Or maybe want to reach new heights in your current career?

What if I told you that your writing skills can bring you to the job of your dreams?

Reportedly, 73.4% of employers want their employees to be strong writers. These numbers, presented by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, show that employers are interested in workers with strong written communication skills. Professional writing skills come as #3 among the most desired skills, preceded by teamwork skills and leadership skills.

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But how exactly can strong writing skills benefit your career? Let’s take a look.

Flawless Writing

Strong writing skills include creating a text without grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistakes. This is what I call flawless writing, meaning that the text that you create is clean and tidy.

How does that translate to the success of your career? If you approach your writing carefully, edit and proofread it diligently, your employer will see it as a meticulous approach to your responsibilities and attention to detail.

Writing that is free of mistakes is a sign of your professionalism. However, I can tell you one thing for sure: not even the most skilled professionals can always see the smallest blemishes in their writing. That’s why it’s important to know proofreading online tools that can help you not only identify the mistakes you missed but also make sure that your writing is well-structured.

Credible Writing

Research skills is an inalienable part of strong writing skills. The facts you choose to base your writing on, show how well you know the subject and how deep your expertise is. Here’s what I’ve learned about the importance of research skills over the years:

  • Research skills go hand-in-hand with how well you write. No matter what you’re writing, whether it’s a report or a small email, if you want it to be well-reasoned, you need to do some prior research.
  • Research skills are definitely not for studying purposes only: using research skills outside college academic writing is absolutely vital, especially if you want to do your job properly. Research skills allow you to approach the subject from the analytical and objective point of view and will help you structure your writing better.
  • At work, employees are often required to write newsletters and articles, expressing a professional point of view, which is impossible to do if you don’t have strong research skills.

Thus, strong research skills combined with good writing skills are the starting point for the success of your career.

Rooting for the Original Content

For me, it goes without saying: any content you create should be original. There’s no place for plagiarism in the professional world. However, there’s so much content already out there on the Internet that it’s impossible not to repeat someone’s thoughts.

Having strong writing skills is a way out of this vicious circle, as you’ll be able to give various representations of one idea, and all of them will sound original. This is an important skill for the success of your career, as you’ll be asked to write numerous articles and posts on a certain subject related to your profession.

It’s also important to know which tools to use to check the originality and credibility of your text. Multiple online tools like Copyscape and Plagiarism Checker can help you fish out similar content on the web and check your own writing for plagiarism.

You Might Need to Re-Learn How to Write

Why am I saying this? Let’s be honest here: not many of us pay enough attention to writing when studying at school or college. But all of us have to face the lack of writing skills when we start our careers. Writing skills require substantial training as they directly contribute to the success of your career.