How Online Study Can Be the Perfect Entry into an Animal Care Career

How Online Study Can Be the Perfect
Entry into an Animal Care Career

Are you considering a career in animal care? Do you love the idea of working with animals, but would prefer a position outside a veterinary clinic?

Then completing an Animal Care course online may be the perfect solution for you.

With an average wage ranging between 31k – 43k, it’s no wonder this industry is popular with people from all walks of life. Yet if you’re currently interested in discovering more about animal care and would like a deeper insight into the education and training which underpins a career in this sector, then a Certificate in Animal Care is an ideal option.

But how exactly can online education benefit you? Let’s explore this in a little more detail.

Tailored Education

The majority of online Animal Care courses will include modules tailored to equip you with a thorough and wide-ranging understanding of the basic elements of animal care.

Whether you’d like to go on to work in an animal day care role, within a grooming business, open up your own dog walking service or have other dreams for your career, it’s vital that you first have a comprehensive knowledge of all the essential basics.

For instance, credible courses will make sure to cover topics such as:

  • Providing basic care for domestic animals (including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rodents, freshwater fish etc.)
  • Common health issues and how to identify the symptoms
  • Basic first aid for animals
  • How to administer routine health checks
  • Rehabilitation practices
  • How to monitor an animal’s wellbeing
    And even more specialist topics, like:
  • Professional administration skills

With an online course, all this information and training will be at your fingertips and can be handily referred to at any stage of your journey.

Access to Industry Experts 

It’s a common misconception that online courses are completed in total isolation. With tutor support available via telephone and email, even if there are any elements of a module that are slightly confusing or need clarification, you will be able to pick the brains of true industry experts and receive more personal feedback along the way.

Attending a course in-person may mean you’re battling with a large number of students, who are similarly clambering to have their questions answered all at the same time. Yet with remote learning, you can swiftly send an email to your tutor seeking their assistance or requesting their insight into specific topics, which means you are fully supported whilst you complete your studies.

Total Flexibility

A number of prospective Animal Care students are currently working in a different industry altogether and are seeking ways to transition into the animal care sector, whilst juggling their current roles. Equally, prospective students can also be recent graduates or individuals searching to re-enter the job market after a brief or extended break from work.

If any of those situations sound familiar, then once again an online course can be massively valuable for you, helping you to find an entry point to secure a professional occupation in animal care.

Self-paced study is both flexible and accessible, suiting all kinds of lifestyles. Even if you already have a full workload or a busy home life, an online Animal Care course means you can fit your studies around any existing responsibilities, whilst not missing out on a stimulating and enriching education.

It’s important to note that some animal care positions will require a form of practical training along with advanced education, yet this hands-on experience can easily be attained through volunteering at your local animal shelters and pet shops. Make sure to research the roles you’re hoping to apply for in a little more detail, paying close attention to any outlined prerequisites.

It’s incredibly easy to access high-quality and credible Animal Care Courses in Australia. So, if you are interested in gaining greater expertise in domestic and farm animal care, or are thinking of pursuing a new career direction and would love to establish a solid foundation of knowledge in animal care, then consider accessing online study and take the first steps to make this a reality.