How and Why: Transition to
Reading Digital Comics

How and Why: Transition to Reading Digital Comics

The comic book industry has been a big hit with children and adults alike for almost a century. With vivid imagery and compelling stories bringing long-loved heroes to life and inspiring readers to pursue greatness. While there has been some resistance among diehard collectors to transitioning to digital comics, many readers claim that going digital can make the comic book reading experience even better than when reading print. One argument that draws comic book readers to e-comic apps like the Nook app is that they can buy a digital copy to read and enjoy and a print copy to store away in their collection: making it easier to enjoy the story and keep a pristine collector’s copy.

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Like with e-books, e-comics are more portable, longer lasting, and more convenient to read than their standard print counterparts. When you want to read a print comic you have to worry about messing up your copy, which any serious collector would be loath to do, or carrying around a large collector’s binder, which is awkward and inconvenient. Choosing to read digital versions means you can access the comics you want to read right on your e-reader, notes Life Hacks. Barnes and Noble makes reading digital comics even more convenient with their comic book reader app from the Nook e-reading line of applications software. The new app enables comic book lovers to access their favorite comics through most mobile devices, including many models of the iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, and tablets.

When reading comics on a mobile device via an e-reader app, you can read virtually anywhere. Because your mobile device has its own light source, you don’t need to be in a well lit room to enjoy the vivid action scenes and read the close text of your comic. You can also enjoy reading while eating or having a cup of coffee, without the fear of smudging a print copy. Digital comic books even allow you to zoom in on frames for better enjoyment of the illustrations.


Practically everyone has heard of, and most comic book enthusiasts side with one of the two major comic book publishers, Marvel Comics and DC Comics: the companies behind famous figures like Batman and The Avengers. Stepping into a comic book shop to purchase a printed comic will put you in a veritable ocean of Marvel and DC comics. But these two companies are not the only comic book publishers in the market. Smaller publishers exist and there are even some very good self-published comics on the market. PCMagazine highlights the virtues of several lesser known comics that the digital age makes easier to find. Choosing to use an e-comic reading app, you are not limited to the two main publishers. You have access to independent comics as well as lesser known treasures.

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ComicBeat raves that the Nook e-reading tablets and the e-comic software now available for download on practically any mobile device offers the best in e-comic reading. The Nook readers offer outstanding resolution on large screens. If you download the Nook comic book reader app to a different device, ComicBeat recommends using a tablet, as the larger screen reduces the necessity of zooming and panning. If however you use a smaller device, like a cell phone, you should take each page frame by frame, zooming in to get all the details of the illustrations. The software enables a curved page turn effect that perfectly simulates turning a real printed page, something some digital converts miss when using other application software. Digital comic book readers also like that the frame by frame reading helps them avoid accidentally spoiling the story for themselves by seeing what’s on the next page before finishing their current page.
Accessing your comics via digital e-comic reading app software is as simple as scrolling through the vibrant cover images. You can even organize your personal library in groups, alphabetically, or in any other way you wish, making finding what you want to read simple, even if you have an extensive library.

There are many benefits to transitioning your comic book enjoyment to e-comics. As with e-books, digital comics are easier to store, carry, and even read. Reading features within the e-comic app from the Nook line allow readers to view their favorite stories panel by panel, zooming in to get a closer look at the illustrations that make the stories come to life, and avoiding accidentally reading ahead and spoiling the storyline. With the Nook app you have access to your comics on a variety of devices simply by downloading the app and accessing your Nook account. You have many options in books to subscribe to and are not limited in your location or device of choice, putting your comics at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Using a digital comic app makes it easier to enjoy the reading experience.