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7 Marketing Trends For 2021

Companies understand that marketing is the cornerstone of a business. The modern markets have given customers an excess of options, and companies have to make their presence known by extensive marketing. They have to be unique and creative with their promotional strategies to make a name for themselves. The business world is struggling as the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the business world hard and slowed down the global economy. Although the firms are gradually resuming their functions, albeit with new norms, they struggle to stay afloat. On the other hand, regardless of how unique your idea is, a similar company emerges on a block and makes the competition tough.

Change is the only constant thing in the world, and the same goes for the marketing world. The trends keep changing as marketers continue to bring out new techniques to lure customers into purchasing their products. In the contemporary world, people spend a substantial amount of their day on a mobile phone, and marketers realize that catching their attention online is more effective. Digital marketing has taken the marketing cosmos by storm. More and more companies are venturing into it to expand their reach and enhance their brand’s visibility.

Companies are on the lookout for the marketing trends for 2021. How effective they will be, remain to be seen as only time will tell. Below we are listing some marketing trends of 2021:

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is going to continue to be a significant aspect of marketing in 2021. People find conversational taglines relatable and react to them. Buyers do not realize that they are responding to the way advertisers have envisioned and purchase their products. Many times, buyers do not need a particular thing. Still, powerful conversational marketing makes them believe that their life is incomplete without the product, and they end up splurging their money on it. Most of these marketing taglines start with uncommon words and draw customers into the conversation. Reputed institutes give students many options to pursue marketing degree online, and many people can enroll themselves in online programs as they are flexible. An online degree allows people to fulfill other responsibilities while continuing their education. People can learn new techniques of conversational marketing from prestigious universities without attending physical classes.

Programmatic Advertising

The world has turned to digital tools, and companies are relying on technology to run everyday operations. Programmatic advertising uses an automated and real-time bidding process, and it results in hyper-targeted, super-effective ads. Programmatic advertising is automatic, and it tailors your campaigns as per the target audience. If your interested customers surf websites during the daytime, then the website displays your ads accordingly. Another advantage of programmatic advertising is that it enables you to receive relevant impressions. Targeting a specific audience is more effective and generates results, and programmatic advertising helps narrow down your audience. It is versatile, and companies can use it on multiple mediums simultaneously.

Experiential Marketing

Technology has revolutionized marketing, and today it is providing customers with enriching and unique experiences. Customers’ experience helps brands in strengthening relationships. Artificial Intelligence has helped companies in giving customers a virtual reality experience. Contrary to a popular idea, experiential technology is not only about trade shows and conferences, and it is much more than that. Different mobile applications have made it possible for people to try various apparel before getting their hands on them. It helps in making people believe that the advertised product will add quality to the users’ life. Experts have forecasted that many brands will go for experiential marketing. Effective use of it can put a company on the path to success.


Chatbots are automated conversational software that starts a conversation as soon as the user enters a website. Website owners feed responses to frequently asked questions. When users enter a website, it engages them into a conversation and makes them stay on the website longer. Chatbots have an advantage over other applications. Users do not need to download an application as it advertises directly from the website. Customers like to interact with chatbots, and many times, chatbots are useful enough to provide instant solutions to their problems.

Personalized Advertising

Algorithms have become smart, and with infographics, they send relevant data to the companies. Brands analyze the data and send personalized marketing messages to customers. Brands call customers using their first name, and it helps them in building a relationship. Experts have said that companies that will use personalized marketing will stand out among their competitors. Email and social media marketing allow brands to send personalized messages and create their impression. Brands have launched video games where they instruct users to enter their names. Then brands use that data to send personalized promotional messages.

Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing strikes a chord by bringing out previous memories and helping people relive their glorious moments. It captures the audience’s attention by reminding them of memorable moments and has proven to be very useful. It has been creating waves for the past few years, and experts say that the trend will not die anytime soon. Nostalgia marketing makes people forget their present miseries, and they start feeling good about themselves. Psychologists say that nostalgia hits people with force and can evoke powerful emotion in them. Nostalgia advertising is about targeting emotions and extracting the desired reactions from customers.

Go Live

Social media marketing is a significant component of digital marketing, which itself is a vast arena. Live video is one of the most popular social media features, and it shows enhanced customer engagement. People generally get instant responses that a whole world can witness. Thus, they like to engage in live videos and comment on them. The statistics show a stark decrease in people reading online content.

In contrast, an increasing number of people are consuming video content. Experts predict that brands will combine two or three marketing trends and try to reap the benefits them. Going live with an influencer has a strong influence and can enhance the brand’s reach.


With New Year comes new trends, and the same is the case with marketing. Marketing has become the dire need of the time. Brands have to be innovative and demonstrate their A-game to stay in the competition. These trends are primarily dependent on the way people behave. Experts predict that 2021 will see many different marketing trends making waves. As per statistics and trends, marketing maestros have forecasted several marketing techniques, and companies can use them to boost sales.