Horseshoes, Hand Grenades…and Now Google Close Variant Matching (Video)

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Horseshoes, Hand Grenades…and Now Google Close Variant Matching


There is an old saying that close is only good enough in horseshoes and hand grenades. Now, internet marketers can add a third item to that list – Google Close Variant Matching. Beginning late last year, Google AdWords changed the way keywords are set to Phrase and Exact Match trigger ads: Close Variant Matching now is mandatory. There is no opting out, which essentially means, like a horseshoe, a search term doesn’t have to be on the verbal stake – it just has to be close enough. And that means, when running paid-search campaigns as part of your online marketing, you’ll inevitably pay for keywords that don’t have anything to do with your business. But whether this is a good or bad thing depends on how you manage your search marketing.

Presenter: Mark Smith

About Mark Smith

Mark Smith has worked in the digital marketing space since the late 90’s. Before co-founding the digital marketing agency KeywordFirst, he helped create the first search-engine marketing team at W.W. Grainger and served as director of internet marketing at retailer Cosmetique.