Growth Spikes For Health-Conscious Brands With Healthy-Finds Partnerships 

Growth Spikes For Health-Conscious Brands
With Healthy-Finds Partnerships 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made growth opportunities come to a halt for many businesses, one company is using its unique platform to help visionary brands in the health and wellness space skyrocket revenue.

Healthy-Finds is known for “helping innovative holistic brands get the attention they deserve.” And they’ve developed a powerful formula to do just that. Even during times of crisis Healthy-Finds has managed to pair health-conscious consumers with brands they never knew they loved.

Image by Beyond Timelines from Pixabay

“It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” says Healthy-Finds CEO & Founder, Pete Meyer. “We partner with quality, health-focused brands by getting their products into the hands of their ideal customers at no cost to the company.”

The model works because social media influencers are given the opportunity to promote Healthy-Finds’ partner products through giveaways. Because influencers have a following that trusts them, their community opts in to receive healthy products such as Shelia G’s Brownie Brittle, Rule Breaker Snacks, and Karma Nuts by only paying shipping and handling.

Consumers can also join Healthy-Finds’ membership program and receive more products each month. Unlike subscription boxes, members sign up and pay a small fee to try products of their choice, making the customer more qualified and willing to make purchases in the future.

Meyer went on to say, “What’s different about us is we make our money from the consumers, not the brands.  So we can connect them to super-targeted consumers and keep their normal acquisition costs intact.” Healthy-Finds even covers the cost of the product, setting them apart from others in the market. This allows brands that would normally grow slowly—especially during an economic downturn—to actually thrive.

Growth By The Numbers

In April and May, at the height of the pandemic, Healthy-Finds promotions reached nearly 10 million health-focused people. The method that works best for turning prospects into customers is having influencer’s highlight the products through their giveaways on Instagram stories. One partner influencer stated, “I’ve loved teaming up with Healthy-Finds because they give me the opportunity to introduce my followers to new & healthy natural foods and snacks. They also help generate hype with my audience by giving back to them with fun products that they can snag for free!”

And in just those two months, 980,000 people viewed Instagram stories promoting Healthy-Finds’ partner brands. Nearly 1 million eyes were on products that wouldn’t ordinarily have that reach—certainly not for free.

The numbers get even more impressive considering 34,000 people subscribed to Healthy-Finds and their partners’ email lists over that same time period. 26% of those registrants turned into paying customers, topping out at 9,000 in just 61 days.

Ultimately, Healthy-Finds gave away over $100k of innovative healthy foods and wellness products to health-conscious consumers while their partner brands got their quality products into the hands of consumers they may not have reached on their own. “Healthy-Finds has been an awesome partner for Rule Breaker Snacks, helping us drive trials and bringing in new customers. Their wonderful influencers have helped us increase our social media following, especially Instagram, which is a big bonus,” said Rule Breaker Snacks Founder and CEO, Nancy Kalish.

As Healthy-Finds continues to test and tweak their process, they’ll deliver for more brands, further disrupting the health and wellness industry by pioneering companies and products to the forefront.