Fun Business Networking Tools for the Office

Networking is a huge part of owning and operating a successful business. There is always that push to solidify the list of contacts you have, and also expand on it and reach out even further. You never know when one of those contacts could lead to a new deal, partnership, or sale, so it’s important to treat each networking opportunity with equal importance. So, how do you become a networking pro? What can you do to up your game in terms of networking and take it to the next level?

We’ve gone ahead and put together some business networking tools that can specifically be used in your office and are sure to bring about a sense of fun. This can help you to really stand out in the eyes of that potential contact and help to drive your goal forward.

Bring Food and Drink into the Mix

One of the best ways to make the networking event more fun is to include food. It doesn’t even have to be a full meal, as even appetizers and finger foods will hit the spot. People tend to really enjoy events where they can eat and drink and it can also add a more casual vibe to the event. As soon as you can get people to relax and break the ice, the more productive those networking opportunities will be.

A good tip for hosting these networking events is to hire a local caterer that has specific experience with corporate events. They can advise you on the menu, how much to order, and the best way to best serve everything.

Improve Your Golf Swing with a Golf Simulator

Sure, it would be great to get out on the links with your clients, but that’s not always possible. Weather could be holding you back, location may be an issue, and there’s the fact that it can get pretty expensive to be hosting clients and contacts on the golf course all the time. A great and fun solution can be to set up a launch monitor golf simulator right in your own office. You can use this indoors, making it highly versatile. All you need is enough space to safely swing the club. This can make for a fun bonding experience for any contacts who love to golf, as any golfer will attest to the fact that they are always looking to improve their game.

How About a Little Karaoke to Lighten the Mood?

Another great way to lighten the mood and have fun with networking events is to make it into a karaoke party. This is bound to break the ice and will have everyone sharing in the fun and good times. You can easily rent a karaoke machine with access to a massive library of songs. If you’re going to host this kind of event, make sure you consider seating for everyone while they are enjoying the party. You don’t necessarily want to force everyone to stand the whole time. You may even want to hire on a DJ that can host the party so that you can focus on networking with contacts.

Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt

If you want to give contacts a way to tour your facilities but want to make it more immersive and exciting, why not design a scavenger hunt around the tour? Again, it’s fun and unique, and it’s going to stand out in their mind.

Each of these fun tools and ideas will challenge you to change how you look at networking and approach it in a more fun and unique manner that can garner fabulous results.