From the Heart, for the Holidays
Roberta Pipito

Have you ever thought about what social media and holiday preparations have in common? Food is a key item in our lives and happens to be my field of expertise. It is also part of what makes holidays so special. So, using social media to boost ideas for meals can be very helpful. Look no further if you are at a loss as to what to make for the special times ahead, because I may have some answers for you.

As we all know, social media has become huge in the last couple of years. We can pretty much find anything that interests us online. Social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have become a way of life for many of us, but it doesn’t stop there. Blogging and reading subject matter blogs also work hand in hand with these sites and on many occasions become our private party planners, idea makers and go to places for restaurant reviews.

You can join any of these sites and create your following at your fingertips. I have done it and so can you. I’ve built my blog to share with people the passion that I have for food, wine, and beer. This time of year is perfect for anyone to start such a venture. Everyone is surfing the web looking for ideas from fashion, to Do It Yourself (DIY), to food. If you have interesting ideas, people will come from all over the world to read your posts. Even something that you think might not be a major public interest will have a seed of interest with at least a small audience. Remember to be a go-getter and make your blog fun, not just filled with words.

When I write on my blog I do it from the heart. Running a blog should not be a chore, but instead come from within. Having a web site and maintaining it can be difficult at times, but you must keep yourself motivated to go on. At times I catch myself sliding on my posts, but it isn’t because I am not brainstorming. For me it is more than just words on a screen. My mind is always inventing ways to keep my palate, and those of my family and guests, wanting more. Upon taking that experience to a blog, I strive to do the same for my followers. I want them to see my dishes and say, “this is something which I can relate to.” I want them to keep coming back for a second, third, and fourth course and beyond.

Anyone can start a blog, but to maintain it and keep your followers interested is a whole other story. Depending on what your passion is about you must find events or promotions to attend. Get involved in your area of specialty. Reach out to companies in your area and see if they have media attending, because blogging has become part of the media. Companies depend on your opinion and how you will publicize it. You can meet a lot of contacts this way, reach out to a whole new world of followers, and who knows what else. Maybe you’ll even find an even bigger opportunity for your site or future. Just remember to have fun with it and show your personality. When you email people, speak to them as yourself, so that they can relate.

Along the way, you are bound to get some sort of criticism. Just because one person says they are not interested doesn’t mean that what you have is not working. Critiques are an important part of learning how to make your blog work. They are lessons that may not be what we want to hear, but will help build a foundation for your work.

The holidays are upon us. So whether you are checking out a food blog (such as my own), starting your own blog, or looking for another subject, just remember a little something I like to tell my readers: “With creativity and imagination, you can create anything beautiful.”

Roberta Pipito is a chef, food blogger and wine and beer aficionado. Her work continues to expand in the foodie world, and can be seen on  Catch up with Roberta on Twitter @HomemadeDelish.