Fred Armisen Reveals His Top 5 Apps

Fred Armisen Reveals His Top 5 Apps
By Daren McKelvey

Asking Portlandia star and ex-SNL comedian Fred Armisen to share his favorite apps with me—and ostensibly the Internet—was kind of like I was stealing part of the man’s soul.

When I approached him after his playfully wry Internet Week NY interview—where he lamented that Tumblr accepted Yahoo!’s offer of $1 billion as opposed to his offer of $8 million—he seemed hesitant at first. “Top 10 apps? Oh I dunno… How about 5??” I assumed he was in a rush, but I then got the feeling that I had asked a rather personal question. Maybe revealing too many gems he had carefully curated and collected on his iPhone was much like giving away his bag of tricks.

That made me quite curious about the ones he deliberately left off the list—but I was happy that he did take the time in the first place; I was simply a curious stranger holding an issue of The Social Media Monthly in my hand.

He remained mum as to why he coveted this lot of aesthetically-pleasing iOS icons, and rather adamant that ‘the people discover them for themselves.

Fred’s Top Five:

1. Bloom

2. Trope

3. iTrans

4. Itr-909 V2

5. Cleartune

Fred doesn’t mess around with free apps apparently, as almost all are $3.99, but I’m going to at least purchase Bloom and Trope, simply because I’m a fan of ambient musician / artist Brian Eno, who co-designed both with musician / software engineer Peter Chilvers. They also collaborated on Scape, whose tagline is “Scape makes music that thinks for itself.”

Daren McKelvey does business development for The Social Media Monthly.